SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6331—Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance
Establishments primarily engaged in underwriting fire, marine, and casualty insurance. These establishments are operated by enterprises that may be owned by stock-holders, policy holders, or other carriers.

Agricultural (crop and livestock) insuranceInsurance carriers: fire, marine, and casualty
Assessment associations: fire, marine, and casualty insuranceMutual fire, marine, and casualty insurance
Associated factory mutuals, fire and marine insurancePlate glass insurance
Automobile insuranceProperty damage insurance
Boiler insuranceReciprocal interinsurance exchanges: fire, marine, and casualty
Burglary and theft insuranceStock fire, marine, and casualty insurance
Contact lens insuranceWorkers' compensation insurance
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6331Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance9,082
633100Fire, marine, and casualty insurance4,846
63310000Fire, marine, and casualty insurance4,846
633101Agricultural insurance115
63310100Agricultural insurance68
63310101Federal Crop Insurance Corporation47
633102Fire, marine and casualty insurance and carriers1,027
63310200Fire, marine and casualty insurance and carriers273
63310201Associated factory mutuals, fire and marine insurance283
63310202Fire, marine, and casualty insurance: mutual437
63310203Fire, marine, and casualty insurance: stock34
633199Fire, marine, and casualty insurance, nec3,094
63319901Assessment associations: fire, marine and casualty insurance35
63319902Automobile insurance1,361
63319903Boiler insurance8
63319904Burglary and theft insurance11
63319905Contact lens insurance2
63319906Plate glass insurance3
63319907Property damage insurance1,357
63319908Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: fire, marine, casualty42
63319909Workers' compensation insurance275