63 - Insurance Carriers
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
63Insurance Carriers34,850
6311Life Insurance6,070
631100Life insurance4,854
63110000Life insurance4,854
631101Mutual association life insurance289
63110100Mutual association life insurance145
63110101Cooperative life insurance organizations33
63110102Fraternal life insurance organizations98
63110103Fraternal protective associations13
631199Life insurance, nec927
63119901Assessment life insurance agents97
63119902Benevolent insurance associations17
63119903Burial insurance societies8
63119904Funeral insurance34
63119905Legal reserve life insurance46
63119906Life insurance carriers644
63119907Life insurance funds, savings bank24
63119908Life reinsurance carriers57
6321Accident and Health Insurance2,400
632100Accident and health insurance835
63210000Accident and health insurance835
632101Accident and health insurance carriers1,184
63210100Accident and health insurance carriers154
63210101Accident insurance carriers109
63210102Health insurance carriers921
632102Mutual accident and health associations69
63210200Mutual accident and health associations29
63210201Accident associations, mutual10
63210202Fraternal accident and health insurance organizations19
63210203Sick benefit associations, mutual11
632199Accident and health insurance, nec312
63219901Assessment associations, accident and health insurance37
63219902Disability health insurance152
63219903Indemnity plans health insurance, except medical service34
63219904Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges9
63219905Reinsurance carriers, accident and health80
6324Hospital and Medical Service Plans2,785
632400Hospital and medical service plans1,552
63240000Hospital and medical service plans1,552
632499Hospital and medical service plans, nec1,233
63249901Dental insurance271
63249902Group hospitalization plans200
63249903Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), insurance only762
6331Fire, Marine, and Casualty Insurance10,162
633100Fire, marine, and casualty insurance5,660
63310000Fire, marine, and casualty insurance5,660
633101Agricultural insurance125
63310100Agricultural insurance76
63310101Federal Crop Insurance Corporation49
633102Fire, marine and casualty insurance and carriers883
63310200Fire, marine and casualty insurance and carriers277
63310201Associated factory mutuals, fire and marine insurance155
63310202Fire, marine, and casualty insurance: mutual419
63310203Fire, marine, and casualty insurance: stock32
633199Fire, marine, and casualty insurance, nec3,494
63319901Assessment associations: fire, marine and casualty insurance35
63319902Automobile insurance1,597
63319903Boiler insurance8
63319904Burglary and theft insurance9
63319905Contact lens insurance1
63319906Plate glass insurance4
63319907Property damage insurance1,503
63319908Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: fire, marine, casualty41
63319909Workers' compensation insurance296
6351Surety Insurance3,810
635100Surety insurance660
63510000Surety insurance660
635101Surety insurance bonding366
63510100Surety insurance bonding91
63510101Employee bonding134
63510102Fidelity or surety bonding133
63510103Job completion guarantee bonding8
635102Fidelity insurance22
63510200Fidelity insurance20
63510201Fidelity responsibility insurance2
635199Surety insurance, nec2,762
63519901Assessment associations, surety and fidelity insurance15
63519902Credit and other financial responsibility insurance201
63519903Liability insurance2,351
63519904Mortgage guarantee insurance78
63519905Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges: surety, fidelity3
63519906Warranty insurance, home114
6361Title Insurance4,793
636100Title insurance3,699
63610000Title insurance3,699
636199Title insurance, nec1,094
63619901Guarantee of titles160
63619902Real estate title insurance934
6371Pension, Health, and Welfare Funds1,713
637100Pension, health, and welfare funds693
63710000Pension, health, and welfare funds693
63710101Pension funds406
63710102Welfare pensions27
637102Union funds261
63710200Union funds45
63710201Union trust funds57
63710202Union welfare, benefit, and health funds159
6399Insurance Carriers, Nec3,117
639900Insurance carriers, nec2,102
63990000Insurance carriers, nec2,102
639901Deposit insurance696
63990100Deposit insurance359
63990101Bank deposit insurance250
63990102Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)74
63990103Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC)13
639999Insurance carriers, nec, nec319
63999901Health insurance for pets111
63999902Warranty insurance, automobile149
63999903Warranty insurance, product; except automobile59