SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6321—Accident and Health Insurance
Establishments primarily engaged in underwriting accident and health insurance. This industry includes establishments which provide health insurance protection for disability income losses and medical expense coverage on an indemnity basis. These establishments are operated by enterprises that may be owned by stock-holders, policy holders, or other carriers. Establishments primarily engaged in providing hospital, medical and other health services on a service basis or combination of service and indemnity bases are classified in Industry 6324.

Accident and health insuranceInsurance carriers, health
Assessment associations, accident and health insuranceMutual accident associations
Disability health insuranceReciprocal interinsurance exchanges, accident and health insurance
Fraternal accident and health insurance organizationsReinsurance carriers, accident and health
Health insurance, indemnity plans: except medical serviceSick benefit associations, mutual
Insurance carriers, accident
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6321Accident and Health Insurance2,513
632100Accident and health insurance762
63210000Accident and health insurance762
632101Accident and health insurance carriers1,379
63210100Accident and health insurance carriers193
63210101Accident insurance carriers104
63210102Health insurance carriers1,082
632102Mutual accident and health associations59
63210200Mutual accident and health associations26
63210201Accident associations, mutual10
63210202Fraternal accident and health insurance organizations12
63210203Sick benefit associations, mutual11
632199Accident and health insurance, nec313
63219901Assessment associations, accident and health insurance36
63219902Disability health insurance157
63219903Indemnity plans health insurance, except medical service30
63219904Reciprocal interinsurance exchanges10
63219905Reinsurance carriers, accident and health80