Industry: 6141—Personal Credit Institutions
Establishments primarily engaged in providing loans to individuals. Also included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in financing retail sales made on the installment plan and financing automobile loans for individuals.

Automobile loans (may include automobile insurance)Loan companies, small: licensed
Consumer finance companiesLoan societies, remedial
Financing of automobiles, furniture, appliances, personal airplanes, etc.: not engaged in deposit bankingMorris plans not engaged in deposit banking
Industrial loan "banks", not engaged in deposit bankingMutual benefit associations
Industrial loan companies, not engaged in deposit bankingPersonal finance companies, small loan: licensed
Installment sales finance, other than banks
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6141Personal Credit Institutions16,521
614100Personal credit institutions8,042
61410000Personal credit institutions8,042
614101Automobile and consumer finance companies8,347
61410100Automobile and consumer finance companies966
61410101Automobile loans, including insurance863
61410102Consumer finance companies2,903
61410103Financing: automobiles, furniture, etc., not a deposit bank964
61410104Installment sales finance, other than banks111
61410105Licensed loan companies, small1,196
61410106Personal finance licensed loan companies, small1,344
614199Personal credit institutions, nec132
61419901Industrial loan banks and companies, not a deposit bank81
61419902Morris plans, not a deposit bank0
61419903Mutual benefit associations34
61419904Remedial loan societies17