SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6211—Security Brokers, Dealers, and Flotation Companies
Establishments primarily engaged in the purchase, sale, and brokerage of securities; and those, generally known as investment bankers, primarily engaged in originating, underwriting, and distributing issues of securities. Establishments primarily engaged in issuing shares of mutual and money market funds, unit investment trusts, and face amount certificates are classified in Industry Group 672. Establishments primarily engaged in providing investment advice on a contract or fee basis to establishments which deal in financial contracts are classified in Industry 6282.

Agents for mutual fundsNote brokers
Bond dealers and brokersOil and gas lease brokers
Distributors, securityOil royalties, dealers in
Floor traders, securityOption dealers, stock
Investment bankersSale of partnership shares in real estate syndicates
Investment certificates, sale ofSecurity brokers
Investment firm—general brokerageSecurity dealers
Mineral leases, dealers inSecurity flotation companies
Mineral royalties, dealers inSecurity traders
Mortgages, buying and selling (rediscounting)Security underwriters
Mutual fund agentsStock brokers and dealers
Mutual funds, selling by independent salespersonTax certificate dealers
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6211Security Brokers and Dealers36,894
621100Security brokers and dealers11,800
62110000Security brokers and dealers11,800
621101Security brokers and dealers16,667
62110100Security brokers and dealers2,855
62110101Bond dealers and brokers328
62110102Brokers, security10,240
62110103Dealers, security247
62110104Floor traders, security16
62110105Note brokers62
62110106Stock brokers and dealers2,696
62110107Stock option dealers28
62110108Tax certificate dealers26
62110109Traders, security169
621102Flotation companies5,534
62110200Flotation companies28
62110201Distributors, security89
62110202Investment bankers1,603
62110203Investment certificate sales35
62110204Investment firm, general brokerage2,635
62110205Securities flotation companies403
62110206Syndicate shares (real estate, entertainment, equip.) sales348
62110207Underwriters, security393
621103Mineral, oil, and gas leasing and royalty dealers439
62110300Mineral, oil, and gas leasing and royalty dealers78
62110301Mineral leasing dealers20
62110302Mineral royalties dealers15
62110303Oil and gas lease brokers274
62110304Oil royalties dealers52
621199Security brokers and dealers, nec2,454
62119901Mortgages, buying and selling1,676
62119902Mutual funds, selling by independent salesperson778