61 - Nondepository Credit Institutions
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
61Nondepository Credit Institutions62,148
6111Federal and Federally Sponsored Credit1,657
611100Federal and federally sponsored credit agencies415
61110000Federal and federally sponsored credit agencies415
611101Federal mortgage credit agencies220
61110100Federal mortgage credit agencies36
61110101Farmers Home Administration46
61110102Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation90
61110103Federal National Mortgage Association16
61110104Government National Mortgage Association32
611102Mutual association credit agencies84
61110200Mutual association credit agencies12
61110201Banks for cooperatives58
61110202National Consumer Cooperative Bank14
611199Federal and federally sponsored credit, nec938
61119901Commodity Credit Corporation15
61119902Export/Import Bank638
61119903Federal Intermediate Credit Bank5
61119904Federal Land Banks141
61119905Rural Electrification Administration2
61119906Student Loan Marketing Association132
61119907Synthetic Fuels Corporation5
6141Personal Credit Institutions15,830
614100Personal credit institutions8,797
61410000Personal credit institutions8,797
614101Automobile and consumer finance companies6,893
61410100Automobile and consumer finance companies987
61410101Automobile loans, including insurance703
61410102Consumer finance companies2,102
61410103Financing: automobiles, furniture, etc., not a deposit bank1,005
61410104Installment sales finance, other than banks117
61410105Licensed loan companies, small1,062
61410106Personal finance licensed loan companies, small917
614199Personal credit institutions, nec140
61419901Industrial loan banks and companies, not a deposit bank83
61419902Morris plans, not a deposit bank0
61419903Mutual benefit associations39
61419904Remedial loan societies18
6153Short-term Business Credit5,376
615300Short-term business credit institutions, except agricultural793
61530000Short-term business credit institutions, except agricultural793
615301Working capital financing3,721
61530100Working capital financing3,652
61530101Direct working capital financing69
615302Factoring services469
61530200Factoring services260
61530201Factors of commercial paper43
61530202Purchasers of accounts receivable and commercial paper166
615303Installment paper60
61530300Installment paper9
61530301Buying of installment notes51
615399Short-term business credit, nec333
61539901Credit card services, central agency collection222
61539902Financing of dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers organ.50
61539903Mercantile financing50
61539904Purchase and sale of trust deeds11
6159Miscellaneous Business Credit4,372
615900Miscellaneous business credit institutions1,051
61590000Miscellaneous business credit institutions1,051
615901Agricultural credit institutions905
61590100Agricultural credit institutions418
61590101Agricultural loan companies202
61590102Farm mortgage companies117
61590103Livestock loan companies18
61590104Production credit association, agricultural150
615902Equipment and vehicle finance leasing companies1,166
61590200Equipment and vehicle finance leasing companies399
61590201Automobile finance leasing297
61590202Finance leasing, vehicles: except automobiles and trucks64
61590203Machinery and equipment finance leasing361
61590204Pari-mutuel totalizator equipment finance leasing and maint.5
61590205Truck finance leasing40
615999Miscellaneous business credit institutions, nec1,250
61599901General and industrial loan institutions549
61599902Intermediate investment banks78
61599903Small business investment companies623
6162Mortgage Bankers and Correspondents20,605
616200Mortgage bankers and loan correspondents16,714
61620000Mortgage bankers and loan correspondents16,714
616299Mortgage bankers and correspondents, nec3,891
61629901Bond and mortgage companies328
61629902Loan correspondents464
61629903Mortgage bankers1,831
61629904Mortgage brokers, using own money951
61629905Mortgage companies, urban317
6163Loan Brokers14,308
616300Loan brokers4,829
61630000Loan brokers4,829
616399Loan brokers, nec9,479
61639901Agents, farm or business loan86
61639902Brokers, farm or business loan140
61639903Loan agents2,506
61639904Mortgage brokers arranging for loans, using money of others6,747