SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6111—Federal and Federally-Sponsored Credit Agencies
Establishments of the Federal Government and federally-sponsored credit agencies primarily engaged in guaranteeing, insuring, or making loans. Federally-sponsored credit agencies are established under authority of Federal legislation, but are not regarded as part of the government. They are often owned by their members or borrowers.

Banks for cooperativesFederal National Mortgage Association
Commodity Credit CorporationGovernment National Mortgage Association
Export-Import BankNational Consumer Cooperative Bank
Farmers Home AdministrationRural Electrification Administration
Federal Home Loan Mortgage CorporationStudent Loan Marketing Association
Federal Intermediate Credit BankSynthetic Fuels Corporation
Federal Land Banks
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
6111Federal and Federally Sponsored Credit1,509
611100Federal and federally sponsored credit agencies353
61110000Federal and federally sponsored credit agencies353
611101Federal mortgage credit agencies176
61110100Federal mortgage credit agencies25
61110101Farmers Home Administration45
61110102Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation64
61110103Federal National Mortgage Association15
61110104Government National Mortgage Association27
611102Mutual association credit agencies46
61110200Mutual association credit agencies10
61110201Banks for cooperatives28
61110202National Consumer Cooperative Bank8
611199Federal and federally sponsored credit, nec934
61119901Commodity Credit Corporation19
61119902Export/Import Bank654
61119903Federal Intermediate Credit Bank1
61119904Federal Land Banks132
61119905Rural Electrification Administration3
61119906Student Loan Marketing Association116
61119907Synthetic Fuels Corporation9