Major Group: 60—Depository Institutions

This major group includes institutions that are engaged in deposit banking or closely related functions, including fiduciary activities.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 601: Central Reserve Depository Institutions
6011Federal Reserve Banks35
6019Central Reserve Depository Institutions, Not Elsewhere Classified52
Industry Group 602: Commercial Banks
6021National Commercial Banks38,696
6022State Commercial Banks31,636
6029Commercial Banks, Not Elsewhere Classified5,625
Industry Group 603: Savings Institutions
6035Savings Institutions, Federally Chartered5,245
6036Savings Institutions, Not Federally Chartered3,211
Industry Group 606: Credit Unions
6061Credit Unions, Federally Chartered9,325
6062Credit Unions, Not Federally Chartered5,098
Industry Group 608: Foreign Banking And Branches And Agencies Of Foreign Banks
6081Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks166
6082Foreign Trade and International Banking Institutions231
Industry Group 609: Functions Related To Depository Banking
6091Non-deposit Trust Facilities,160
6099Functions Related to Depository Banking, Not Elsewhere Classified12,350