60 - Depository Institutions
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
60Depository Institutions111,188
6011Federal Reserve Banks41
601100Federal reserve banks8
60110000Federal reserve banks8
6019Central Reserve Depository, Nec74
601900Central reserve depository, nec14
60190000Central reserve depository, nec14
601999Central reserve depository, nec, nec60
60199901Central Liquidity Facility2
60199902Federal Home Loan Banks18
60199903National Credit Union Administration (NCUA)40
6021National Commercial Banks36,879
602100National commercial banks35,674
60210000National commercial banks35,674
602199National commercial banks, nec1,205
60219901National trust companies with deposits, commercial1,205
6022State Commercial Banks29,228
602200State commercial banks27,257
60220000State commercial banks27,257
602299State commercial banks, nec1,971
60229901State trust companies accepting deposits, commercial1,971
6029Commercial Banks, Nec6,251
602900Commercial banks, nec6,251
60290000Commercial banks, nec6,251
6035Federal Savings Institutions7,801
603500Federal savings institutions2,581
60350000Federal savings institutions2,581
603599Federal savings institutions, nec5,220
60359901Federal savings and loan associations2,341
60359902Federal savings banks2,879
6036Savings Institutions, Except Federal3,453
603600Savings institutions, except federal1,356
60360000Savings institutions, except federal1,356
603699Savings institutions, except federal, nec2,097
60369901Savings and loan associations, not federally chartered512
60369902State savings banks, not federally chartered1,585
6061Federal Credit Unions7,961
606100Federal credit unions7,961
60610000Federal credit unions7,961
6062State Credit Unions5,763
606200State credit unions4,220
60620000State credit unions4,220
606299State credit unions, nec1,543
60629901State credit unions, not federally chartered1,543
6081Foreign Bank and Branches and Agencies183
608100Foreign bank and branches and agencies145
60810000Foreign bank and branches and agencies145
608199Foreign bank and branches and agencies, nec38
60819901Agencies of foreign banks38
6082Foreign Trade and International Banks256
608200Foreign trade and international banks246
60820000Foreign trade and international banks246
608299Foreign trade and international banks, nec10
60829901Agreement Corporations4
60829902Edge Act Corporations6
6091Nondeposit Trust Facilities175
609100Nondeposit trust facilities175
60910000Nondeposit trust facilities175
6099Functions Related To Depository Banking13,123
609900Functions related to deposit banking2,032
60990000Functions related to deposit banking2,032
609901Check clearing services1,887
60990100Check clearing services1,800
60990101Automated clearinghouses34
60990102Clearinghouse associations, bank or check43
60990103Regional clearinghouse associations10
609999Functions related to deposit banking, nec9,204
60999901Check cashing agencies6,192
60999902Deposit brokers43
60999903Electronic funds transfer network, including switching420
60999904Escrow institutions other than real estate326
60999905Fiduciary agencies other than real estate or trust201
60999906Foreign currency exchange674
60999907Money order issuance577
60999908Representative foreign bank offices, ex. agents and branches38
60999909Safe deposit companies27
60999910Tax certificate sale and redemption agencies30
60999911Travelers' checks issuance9
60999912Automated teller machine (ATM) network667