SIC Industry Description

Industry: 6081—Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks
Establishments operating as branches or agencies of foreign banks which specialize in commercial loans, especially trade finance. They typically fund themselves via large denomination interbank deposits, rather than through smaller denomination retail deposits. Federally licensed agencies of foreign banks may not accept deposits. Federal branches may accept deposits; however, if they choose to accept deposits in denominations of $100,000 or less, Federal deposit insurance is required. Establishments which are owned by foreign banks but primarily engaged in accepting retail deposits from the general public in the United States are classified in Industry Group 602.

Agencies of foreign banksBranches of foreign banks
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
6081Foreign Bank and Branches and Agencies139
608100Foreign bank and branches and agencies114
60810000Foreign bank and branches and agencies114
608199Foreign bank and branches and agencies, nec25
60819901Agencies of foreign banks25