Major Group: 23—Apparel And Other Finished Products Made From Fabrics And Similar Materials

This major group, known as the cutting-up and needle trades, includes establishments producing clothing and fabricating products by cutting and sewing purchased woven or knit textile fabrics and related materials, such as leather, rubberized fabrics, plastics, and furs. Also included are establishments that manufacture clothing by cutting and joining (for example, by adhesives) materials such as paper and non-woven textiles. Included in the apparel industries are three types of establishments: (1) the regular or inside factories; (2) contract factories; and (3) apparel jobbers. The regular factories perform all of the usual manufacturing functions within their own plant; the contract factories manufacture apparel from materials owned by others; and apparel jobbers perform the entrepreneurial functions of a manufacturing company, such as buying raw materials, designing and preparing samples, arranging for the manufacture of clothing from their materials, and selling of the finished apparel.

Knitting mills are classified in Industry 2253 if primarily knitting outerwear, and in Industry 2254 if primarily knitting underwear and nightwear. Custom tailors and dressmakers not operating on a factory basis are classified in Retail Trade, Industry 5699; and establishments which purchase and resell finished garments but do not perform the functions of the, apparel jobbers are classified in Wholesale Trade, Industry Group 513.

Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
Industry Group 231: Men's And Boys' Suits, Coats, And Overcoats
2311Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats, and Overcoats497
Industry Group 232: Men's And Boys' Furnishings, Work Clothing, And Allied Garments
2321Men's and Boys' Shirts, Except Work Shirts288
2322Men's and Boys' Underwear and Nightwear40
2323Men's and Boys' Neckwear100
2325Men's and Boys' Separate Trousers and Slacks231
2326Men's and Boys' Work Clothing671
2329Men's and Boys' Clothing, Not Elsewhere Classified1,207
Industry Group 233: Women's, Misses', And Juniors' Outerwear
2331Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Blouses and Shirts415
2335Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Dresses927
2337Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Suits, Skirts, and Coats196
2339Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Outerwear, Not Elsewhere Classified1,489
Industry Group 234: Women's, Misses', Children's, And Infants' Undergarments
2341Women's, Misses', Children's, and Infants' Underwear and Nightwear175
2342Brassieres, Girdles, and Allied Garments139
Industry Group 235: Hats, Caps, And Millinery
2353Hats, Caps, and Millinery468
Industry Group 236: Girls', Children's, And Infants' Outerwear
2361Girls', Children's, and Infants' Dresses, Blouses, and Shirts255
2369Girls', Children's, and Infants' Outerwear, Not Elsewhere Classified268
Industry Group 237: Fur Goods
2371Fur Goods129
Industry Group 238: Miscellaneous Apparel And Accessories
2381Dress and Work Gloves, Except Knit and All-Leather112
2384Robes and Dressing Gowns47
2385Waterproof Outerwear81
2386Leather and Sheep-Lined Clothing153
2387Apparel belts107
2389Apparel and Accessories, Not Elsewhere Classified1,664
Industry Group 239: Miscellaneous Fabricated Textile Products
2391Curtains and Draperies749
2392House furnishing, Except Curtains and Draperies1,106
2393Textile Bags400
2394Canvas and Related Products1,595
2395Pleating, Decorative and Novelty Stitching, and Tucking for the Trade6,830
2396Automotive Trimmings, Apparel Findings, and Related Products1,598
2397Schiffli Machine Embroideries100
2399Fabricated Textile Products, Not Elsewhere Classified1,545