23 - Apparel, Finished Prdcts from Fabrics & Similar Materials
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
23Apparel, Finished Prdcts from Fabrics & Similar Materials23,582
2311Men's and Boy's Suits and Coats497
231100Men's and boy's suits and coats126
23110000Men's and boy's suits and coats126
231101Tailored suits and formal jackets145
23110100Tailored suits and formal jackets32
23110101Formal jackets, men's and youths': from purchased materials5
23110102Jackets, tailored suit-type: men's and boys'6
23110103Suits, men's and boys': made from purchased materials56
23110104Tailored dress and sport coats: men's and boys'10
23110105Tuxedos: made from purchased materials36
231102Coats, overcoats and vests30
23110200Coats, overcoats and vests15
23110201Coats, tailored: men's and boys': from purchased materials4
23110202Overcoats and topcoats: men's, youths' and boys'4
23110203Vests: made from purchased materials7
231103Men's and boys' uniforms196
23110300Men's and boys' uniforms59
23110301Firemen's uniforms: made from purchased materials12
23110302Military uniforms, men's and youths': purchased materials105
23110303Policemen's uniforms: made from purchased materials20
2321Men's and Boy's Furnishings288
232100Men's and boy's furnishings108
23210000Men's and boy's furnishings108
232101Men's and boys' dress shirts75
23210100Men's and boys' dress shirts68
23210102Collars, men's and boys': made from purchased materials2
232102Men's and boys' sports and polo shirts87
23210200Men's and boys' sports and polo shirts23
23210201Polo shirts, men's and boys': made from purchased materials12
23210202Sport shirts, men's and boys': from purchased materials52
232199Men's and boy's furnishings, nec18
23219901Flannel shirts, except work: men's, youths', and boys'2
23219902Uniform shirts: made from purchased materials16
2322Men's and Boy's Underwear and Nightwear40
232200Men's and boy's underwear and nightwear26
23220000Men's and boy's underwear and nightwear26
232299Men's and boy's underwear and nightwear, nec14
23229901Nightwear, men's and boys': from purchased materials3
23229902Underwear, men's and boys': made from purchased materials11
2323Men's and Boy's Neckwear100
232300Men's and boy's neckwear42
23230000Men's and boy's neckwear42
232301Men's and boys' neckties and bow ties56
23230100Men's and boys' neckties and bow ties29
23230101Bow ties, men's and boys': made from purchased materials11
23230102Neckties, men's and boys': made from purchased materials13
23230103Ties, handsewn: made from purchased materials3
232302Men's and boys' scarves2
23230200Men's and boys' scarves2
23230201Ascots, men's and boys': made from purchased materials0
2325Men's and Boy's Trousers and Slacks231
232500Men's and boy's trousers and slacks85
23250000Men's and boy's trousers and slacks85
232501Men's and boys' jeans and dungarees114
23250100Men's and boys' jeans and dungarees47
23250101Dungarees: men's, youths', and boys'11
23250102Jeans: men's, youths', and boys'56
232502Men's and boys' dress slacks and shorts32
23250200Men's and boys' dress slacks and shorts0
23250201Shorts (outerwear): men's, youths', and boys'14
23250202Slacks, dress: men's, youths', and boys'11
23250203Trousers, dress (separate): men's, youths', and boys'7
2326Men's and Boy's Work Clothing671
232600Men's and boy's work clothing323
23260000Men's and boy's work clothing323
232601Work uniforms186
23260100Work uniforms121
23260101Medical and hospital uniforms, men's59
23260102Overalls and coveralls6
232602Work apparel, except uniforms162
23260200Work apparel, except uniforms58
23260201Aprons, work, except rubberized and plastic: men's14
23260202Industrial garments, men's and boys'35
23260203Jackets, overall and work9
23260204Service apparel (baker, barber, lab, etc.), washable: men's28
23260205Work garments, except raincoats: waterproof9
23260206Work pants6
23260207Work shirts: men's, youths', and boys'3
2329Men's and Boy's Clothing, Nec1,207
232900Men's and boy's clothing, nec113
23290000Men's and boy's clothing, nec113
232901Men's and boys' sportswear and athletic clothing846
23290100Men's and boys' sportswear and athletic clothing548
23290101Athletic clothing, except uniforms: men's, youths' and boys'173
23290102Bathing suits and swimwear: men's and boys'33
23290103Riding clothes: men's, youths', and boys'67
23290104Ski and snow clothing: men's and boys'25
232902Men's and boys' leather, wool and down-filled outerwear126
23290200Men's and boys' leather, wool and down-filled outerwear45
23290201Coats (oiled fabric, leatherette, etc.): men's and boys'7
23290202Down-filled clothing: men's and boys'2
23290203Field jackets, military9
23290204Hunting coats and vests, men's22
23290205Jackets (suede, leatherette, etc.), sport: men's and boys'17
23290206Lumber jackets: men's, youths', and boys'2
23290209Sweaters and sweater jackets, men's and boys'18
23290210Vests (suede, leatherette, etc.), sport: men's and boys'4
232903Men's and boys' athletic uniforms61
23290300Men's and boys' athletic uniforms42
23290301Baseball uniforms: men's, youths', and boys'9
23290302Basketball uniforms: men's, youths', and boys'4
23290303Football uniforms: men's, youths', and boys'4
23290304Hockey uniforms: men's, youths', and boys'2
232999Men's and boy's clothing, nec, nec61
23299901Knickers, dress (separate): men's and boys'33
23299902Shirt and slack suits: men's, youths', and boys'25
23299903Windbreakers: men's, youths', and boys'3
2331Women's and Misses' Blouses and Shirts415
233100Women's and misses' blouses and shirts269
23310000Women's and misses' blouses and shirts269
233199Women's and misses' blouses and shirts, nec146
23319901Blouses, women's and juniors': made from purchased material72
23319902Shirts, women's and juniors': made from purchased materials11
23319903T-shirts and tops, women's: made from purchased materials63
2335Women's, Junior's, and Misses' Dresses927
233500Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses344
23350000Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses344
233501Bridal and formal gowns517
23350100Bridal and formal gowns120
23350101Gowns, formal32
23350102Wedding gowns and dresses365
233599Women's, junior's, and misses' dresses, nec66
23359901Dresses,paper, cut and sewn49
23359902Ensemble dresses: women's, misses', and juniors'15
2337Women's and Misses' Suits and Coats196
233700Women's and misses' suits and coats98
23370000Women's and misses' suits and coats98
233701Women's and misses' suits and skirts51
23370100Women's and misses' suits and skirts9
23370101Pantsuits: women's, misses' and juniors'6
23370102Skirts, separate: women's, misses', and juniors'15
23370103Suits: women's, misses', and juniors'21
233702Women's and misses' capes and jackets8
23370200Women's and misses' capes and jackets2
23370201Capes, except fur or rubber: women's, misses', and juniors'1
23370202Jackets and vests, except fur and leather: women's5
233799Women's and misses' suits and coats, nec39
23379901Uniforms, except athletic: women's, misses', and juniors'39
2339Women's and Misses' Outerwear, Nec1,489
233900Women's and misses' outerwear, nec350
23390000Women's and misses' outerwear, nec350
233901Women's and misses' accessories230
23390100Women's and misses' accessories192
23390101Collar and cuff sets: women's, misses' and juniors'2
23390102Dickeys: women's, misses' and juniors'2
23390103Neckwear and ties: women's, misses', and juniors'10
23390104Scarves, hoods, headbands, etc.: women's24
233902Women's and misses' culottes, knickers and shorts6
23390200Women's and misses' culottes, knickers and shorts3
23390201Culottes: women's, misses', and juniors'0
23390202Knickers: women's, misses', and juniors'1
23390203Shorts (outerwear): women's, misses', and juniors'2
233903Women's and misses' athletic clothing and sportswear679
23390300Women's and misses' athletic clothing and sportswear268
23390301Athletic clothing: women's, misses', and juniors'87
23390302Bathing suits: women's, misses', and juniors'41
23390303Beachwear: women's, misses', and juniors'19
23390304Jogging and warmup suits; women's, misses', and juniors'0
23390305Play suits: women's, misses', and juniors'0
23390306Riding habits: women's, misses', and juniors'0
23390307Ski jackets and pants: women's, misses', and juniors'2
23390308Skirts, tennis0
23390309Snow suits: women's, misses', and juniors'0
23390310Sportswear, women's242
23390311Uniforms, athletic: women's, misses', and juniors'20
233904Women's and misses' jackets and coats, except sportswear18
23390400Women's and misses' jackets and coats, except sportswear11
23390401Down-filled coats, jackets, and vests: women's and misses'2
23390402Jackets, untailored: women's, misses', and juniors'5
233999Women's and misses' outerwear, nec, nec206
23399901Aprons, except rubber or plastic: women's, misses', juniors'19
23399902Hoovers (apron): women's and misses'0
23399903Jeans: women's, misses', and juniors'35
23399904Leotards: women's, misses', and juniors'6
23399905Maternity clothing58
23399906Service apparel, washable: women's77
23399907Slacks: women's, misses', and juniors'10
23399908Smocks: women's, misses', and juniors'1
2341Women's and Children's Underwear175
234100Women's and children's underwear77
23410000Women's and children's underwear77
234101Women's and children's nightwear46
23410100Women's and children's nightwear19
23410101Nightgowns and negligees: women's and children's19
23410102Pajamas and bedjackets: women's and children's8
234102Women's and children's undergarments52
23410200Women's and children's undergarments39
23410201Chemises, camisoles, and teddies: women's and children's6
23410202Panties: women's, misses', children's, and infants'6
23410203Slips: women's, misses', children's, and infants'1
2342Bras, Girdles, and Allied Garments139
234200Bras, girdles, and allied garments63
23420000Bras, girdles, and allied garments63
234299Bras, girdles, and allied garments, nec76
23429902Corset accessories: clasps, stays, etc.2
23429903Corsets and allied garments9
23429904Foundation garments, women's24
23429905Girdles and panty girdles3
23429906Maternity bras and corsets5
2353Hats, Caps, and Millinery468
235300Hats, caps, and millinery145
23530000Hats, caps, and millinery145
235301Uniform hats and caps48
23530100Uniform hats and caps19
23530101Baseball caps27
23530102Chauffeurs' hats and caps, cloth1
23530103Police hats and caps1
235399Hats, caps, and millinery, nec275
23539901Caps: cloth, straw, and felt13
23539902Harvest hats, straw3
23539903Hat bodies: fur felt, straw, and wool felt4
23539904Hats and caps, nec190
23539905Hats, trimmed: women's, misses', and children's19
23539906Hats: cloth, straw, and felt22
23539907Helmets, jungle cloth: wool lined1
23539909Opera hats0
23539910Panama hats7
23539911Silk hats2
2361Girl's and Children's Dresses, Blouses255
236100Girl's and children's dresses, blouses124
23610000Girl's and children's dresses, blouses124
236101Girls' and children's blouses and shirts47
23610100Girls' and children's blouses and shirts9
23610101Blouses: girls', children's, and infants'6
23610102Shirts: girls', children's, and infants'6
23610103T-shirts and tops: girls', children's, and infants'26
236199Girl's and children's dresses, blouses, nec84
23619901Dresses: girls', children's, and infants'84
2369Girl's and Children's Outerwear, Nec268
236900Girl's and children's outerwear, nec134
23690000Girl's and children's outerwear, nec134
236901Children's culottes and shorts3
23690100Children's culottes and shorts2
23690102Shorts (outerwear): girls' and children's1
236902Children's bathing suits and beachwear57
23690200Children's bathing suits and beachwear7
23690201Bathing suits and swimwear: girls', children's, and infants'46
23690202Beachwear: girls', children's, and infants'4
236903Children's robes and housecoats4
23690300Children's robes and housecoats1
23690301Bathrobes: girls', children's, and infants'2
23690303Lounging robes: children's1
236904Children's snowsuits, coats, and jackets20
23690400Children's snowsuits, coats, and jackets5
23690401Buntings, infants'5
23690402Coat and legging sets: girls' and children's1
23690403Coats: girls', children's, and infants'5
23690404Jackets: girls', children's, and infants'2
23690405Ski and snow suits: girls' and children's2
236999Girl's and children's outerwear, nec, nec50
23699901Headwear: girls', children's, and infants'19
23699902Jeans: girls', children's, and infants'11
23699903Leggings: girls', children's, and infants'7
23699904Pantsuits: girls', children's, and infants'1
23699905Play suits: girls', children's, and infants'6
23699906Rompers: infants'1
23699907Skirts: girls', children's, and infants'2
23699908Slacks: girls' and children's0
23699910Sun suits: girls', children's, and infants'0
23699911Warm-up, jogging, and sweat suits: girls' and children's2
2371Fur Goods129
237100Fur goods55
23710000Fur goods55
237101Fur coats and other fur apparel61
23710100Fur coats and other fur apparel18
23710101Apparel, fur25
23710102Capes, fur1
23710103Caps, fur0
23710104Coats, fur9
23710105Hats, fur6
23710106Jackets, fur2
237102Fur linings, trimmings, and neckpieces1
23710200Fur linings, trimmings, and neckpieces1
23710201Coat linings, fur0
23710202Fur plates and trimmings0
237199Fur goods, nec12
23719901Fur finishers and liners for the fur goods trade6
23719903Mounting heads on fur neckpieces6
23719904Pointing furs0
2381Fabric Dress and Work Gloves112
238100Fabric dress and work gloves70
23810000Fabric dress and work gloves70
238199Fabric dress and work gloves, nec42
23819901Dyeing gloves, woven or knit: for the trade4
23819902Glove linings, except fur0
23819903Gloves, work: woven or knit, made from purchased materials27
23819904Gloves, woven or knit: made from purchased materials10
23819905Mittens, woven or knit: made from purchased materials1
2384Robes and Dressing Gowns47
238400Robes and dressing gowns25
23840000Robes and dressing gowns25
238499Robes and dressing gowns, nec22
23849901Bathrobes, men's and women's: made from purchased materials11
23849902Dressing gowns, men's and women's: from purchased materials11
23849903Housecoats, except children's: from purchased materials0
2385Waterproof Outerwear81
238500Waterproof outerwear51
23850000Waterproof outerwear51
238599Waterproof outerwear, nec30
23859901Aprons, waterproof: made from purchased materials5
23859902Bibs, waterproof: made from purchased materials4
23859903Diaper covers, waterproof: made from purchased materials4
23859904Gowns, plastic: made from purchased materials4
23859905Raincoats, except vulcanized rubber: purchased materials13
2386Leather and Sheep-lined Clothing153
238600Leather and sheep-lined clothing45
23860000Leather and sheep-lined clothing45
238601Leather and sheep-lined coats and hats33
23860100Leather and sheep-lined coats and hats1
23860101Coats and jackets, leather and sheep-lined21
23860102Hats and caps, leather11
238602Leather and sheep-lined garments75
23860200Leather and sheep-lined garments2
23860201Garments, leather66
23860202Garments, sheep-lined6
23860203Pants, leather1
2387Apparel Belts107
238700Apparel belts107
23870000Apparel belts107
2389Apparel and Accessories, Nec1,664
238900Apparel and accessories, nec536
23890000Apparel and accessories, nec536
238901Men's miscellaneous accessories376
23890100Men's miscellaneous accessories326
23890103Handkerchiefs, except paper7
238902Uniforms and vestments229
23890200Uniforms and vestments91
23890201Academic vestments (caps and gowns)22
23890202Band uniforms16
23890203Clergymen's vestments100
23890301Lodge costumes18
23890302Masquerade costumes37
23890303Theatrical costumes53
238999Apparel and accessories, nec, nec190
23899901Apparel for handicapped71
23899902Arm bands, elastic8
23899903Disposable garments and accessories71
23899904Garter belts0
23899906Hospital gowns29
23899907Burial garments9
2391Curtains and Draperies749
239100Curtains and draperies480
23910000Curtains and draperies480
239199Curtains and draperies, nec269
23919901Cottage sets (curtains), made from purchased materials13
23919902Curtains, window: made from purchased materials75
23919903Draperies, plastic and textile: from purchased materials181
2392Household Furnishings, Nec1,106
239200Household furnishings, nec290
23920000Household furnishings, nec290
239201Cushions and pillows250
23920100Cushions and pillows162
23920101Boat cushions20
23920102Hassocks, textile: made from purchased materials4
23920103Pillows, bed: made from purchased materials64
239202Laundry, garment and storage bags58
23920200Laundry, garment and storage bags20
23920201Bags, garment storage: except paper or plastic film32
23920202Bags, laundry: made from purchased materials3
23920203Blanket bags, plastic: made from purchased materials1
23920204Shoe bags: made from purchased materials2
239203Blankets, comforters and beddings214
23920300Blankets, comforters and beddings83
23920301Bedspreads and bed sets: made from purchased materials37
23920302Blankets: made from purchased materials12
23920303Comforters and quilts: made from purchased materials75
23920304Pillowcases: made from purchased materials7
239204Tablecloths and table settings68
23920400Tablecloths and table settings15
23920401Napkins, fabric and nonwoven: made from purchased materials6
23920402Pads and padding, table: except asbestos, felt, or rattan8
23920403Placemats, plastic or textile8
23920404Scarves: table, dresser, etc.: from purchased materials2
23920405Table mats, plastic and textile9
23920406Tablecloths: made from purchased materials20
239205Towels, dishcloths and dust cloths35
23920500Towels, dishcloths and dust cloths7
23920501Dishcloths, nonwoven textile: made from purchased materials3
23920502Dust cloths: made from purchased materials4
23920503Polishing cloths, plain5
23920504Towels, fabric and nonwoven: made from purchased materials13
23920505Washcloths and bath mitts: made from purchased materials3
239206Slip covers and pads122
23920600Slip covers and pads10
23920601Chair covers and pads: made from purchased materials17
23920602Ironing board pads: made from purchased materials3
23920603Linings, carpet: textile, except felt9
23920604Mattress pads29
23920605Mattress protectors, except rubber5
23920606Slip covers: made of fabric, plastic, etc.49
239299Household furnishings, nec, nec69
23929901Bridge sets, cloth and napkin: from purchased materials6
23929902Mops, floor and dust36
23929903Sheets, fabric: made from purchased materials13
23929904Shower curtains: made from purchased materials14
2393Textile Bags400
239300Textile bags204
23930000Textile bags204
239301Canvas bags86
23930100Canvas bags54
23930101Duffle bags, canvas: made from purchased materials26
23930102Knapsacks, canvas: made from purchased materials6
239399Textile bags, nec110
23939901Bags and containers, except sleeping bags: textile82
23939902Cushions, except spring and carpet: purchased materials20
23939903Flour bags, fabric: made from purchased materials2
23939904Tea bags, fabric: made from purchased materials6
2394Canvas and Related Products1,595
239400Canvas and related products645
23940000Canvas and related products645
239401Canvas awnings and canopies385
23940100Canvas awnings and canopies119
23940101Awnings, fabric: made from purchased materials236
23940102Canopies, fabric: made from purchased materials30
239402Canvas covers and drop cloths207
23940200Canvas covers and drop cloths41
23940201Cloth, drop (fabric): made from purchased materials15
23940202Liners and covers, fabric: made from purchased materials65
23940203Tarpaulins, fabric: made from purchased materials86
239499Canvas and related products, nec358
23949901Air cushions and mattresses, canvas18
23949902Canvas boat seats20
23949903Convertible tops, canvas or boat: from purchased materials89
23949904Sails: made from purchased materials131
23949905Shades, canvas: made from purchased materials19
23949906Tents: made from purchased materials81
2395Pleating and Stitching6,830
239500Pleating and stitching280
23950000Pleating and stitching280
239501Quilting and quilting supplies479
23950100Quilting and quilting supplies289
23950101Quilted fabrics or cloth102
23950102Quilting: for the trade88
239502Embroidery and art needlework5,985
23950200Embroidery and art needlework4,278
23950201Art goods for embroidering, stamped: purchased materials62
23950202Art needlework: made from purchased materials29
23950203Emblems, embroidered249
23950204Embroidery products, except Schiffli machine1,360
23950205Swiss loom embroideries7
239503Decorative and novelty stitching: for the trade68
23950300Decorative and novelty stitching: for the trade47
23950301Appliqueing: for the trade11
23950302Eyelet making: for the trade2
23950303Hemstitching: for the trade3
23950304Lace, burnt-out: for the trade2
23950305Looping: for the trade2
23950307Scalloping: for the trade1
239504Pleating and tucking: for the trade16
23950400Pleating and tucking: for the trade8
23950401Permanent pleating and pressing: for the trade4
23950402Tucking: for the trade4
239599Pleating and stitching, nec2
23959901Buttonhole making, except fur: for the trade2
23959902Crochet ware, machine-made0
2396Automotive and Apparel Trimmings1,598
239600Automotive and apparel trimmings184
23960000Automotive and apparel trimmings184
239601Apparel and other linings, except millinery52
23960100Apparel and other linings, except millinery28
23960101Collar linings, men's coats0
23960102Linings, apparel: made from purchased materials20
23960103Linings, handbag or pocketbook4
239602Apparel findings and trimmings75
23960200Apparel findings and trimmings27
23960201Bindings, bias: made from purchased materials4
23960202Pads, shoulder: for coats, suits, etc.8
23960204Ribbons and bows, cut and sewed24
23960205Shoulder straps, for women's underwear1
23960206Trimming, fabric, nsk7
23960207Waistbands, trouser3
239603Millinery materials and supplies9
23960300Millinery materials and supplies1
23960301Bindings, cap and hat: made from purchased materials1
23960302Cap fronts and visors1
23960304Hat linings and trimmings, men's0
23960306Sweat bands, hat and cap: made from purchased materials6
239604Fabric printing and stamping1,219
23960400Fabric printing and stamping160
23960401Printing and embossing on plastics fabric articles76
23960402Screen printing on fabric articles946
23960403Stamping fabric articles7
23960404Tip printing and stamping on fabric5
23960405Veils and veiling: bridal, funeral, etc.25
239699Automotive and apparel trimmings, nec59
23969901Automotive trimmings, fabric49
23969902Furniture trimmings, fabric10
2397Schiffli Machine Embroideries100
239700Schiffli machine embroideries100
23970000Schiffli machine embroideries100
2399Fabricated Textile Products, Nec1,545
239900Fabricated textile products, nec199
23990000Fabricated textile products, nec199
239901Emblems, badges, and insignia123
23990100Emblems, badges, and insignia78
23990101Emblems, badges, and insignia: from purchased materials28
23990102Military insignia, textile17
239902Horse and pet accessories, textile282
23990200Horse and pet accessories, textile110
23990201Horse blankets34
23990202Horse harnesses and riding crops, etc.: non-leather75
23990203Pet collars, leashes, etc.: non-leather55
23990204Saddle cloth8
239903Banners, pennants, and flags226
23990300Banners, pennants, and flags97
23990301Banners, made from fabric48
23990302Flags, fabric78
239904Belting and belt products70
23990400Belting and belt products24
23990402Belting, fabric: made from purchased materials8
23990403Money belts2
23990404Seat belts, automobile and aircraft35
239905Hand woven and crocheted products138
23990500Hand woven and crocheted products98
23990501Hand crocheted ware, except hats2
23990502Hand woven apparel32
23990503Hats, hand crocheted6
239906Hammocks and other net products224
23990600Hammocks and other net products18
23990601Fishing nets192
23990602Hammocks, fabric: made from purchased materials10
23990603Nets, launderers and dyers4
239999Fabricated textile products, nec, nec283
23999901Aprons, breast (harness)40
23999902Automotive covers, except seat and tire covers42
23999903Book covers, fabric8
23999904Cheese bandages, made from purchased materials2
23999905Diapers, except disposable: made from purchased materials12
23999906Glove mending on factory basis3
23999907Infant carriers8
23999909Powder puffs and mitts2
23999910Seat covers, automobile71
23999911Sleeping bags23
23999912Tire covers6
23999913Welts: made from purchased materials0