SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2371—Fur Goods
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fur coats, and other clothing, accessories, and trimmings made of fur. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing sheep-lined clothing are classified in Industry 2386, and those engaged in dyeing and dressing of furs are classified in Industry 3999.

Apparel, furFur plates and trimmings
Capes, furGlazing furs
Caps, furGlove linings, fur
Clothing, furHats, fur
Coat linings, furJackets, fur
Coats, furMounting heads on fur neckpieces
Fur finishers and liners for the fur goods trade: buttonhole making
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2371Fur Goods145
237100Fur goods58
23710000Fur goods58
237101Fur coats and other fur apparel76
23710100Fur coats and other fur apparel18
23710101Apparel, fur48
23710102Capes, fur0
23710103Caps, fur0
23710104Coats, fur7
23710105Hats, fur2
23710106Jackets, fur1
237102Fur linings, trimmings, and neckpieces0
23710200Fur linings, trimmings, and neckpieces0
23710201Coat linings, fur0
23710202Fur plates and trimmings0
237199Fur goods, nec11
23719901Fur finishers and liners for the fur goods trade8
23719903Mounting heads on fur neckpieces3
23719904Pointing furs0