SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2395—Pleating, Decorative and Novelty Stitching, and Tucking for the Trade
Establishments primarily engaged in pleating, decorative and novelty stitching, and tucking for the trade. Establishments primarily engaged in performing similar services for individuals are classified in service industries. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing trimmings are classified in Industry 2396.

Appliqueing, for the tradeLooping, for the trade
Art needlework—mfpmPermanent pleating and pressing, for the trade
Buttonhole making, except fur: for the tradePleating, for the trade
Crochet ware, machine-madeQuilted fabrics or cloth
Emblems, embroideredQuilting, for the trade
Embroideries: metallic, beaded, and sequinedRuffling, for the trade
Embroidery products, except Schiffli machineScalloping, for the trade
Eyelet making, for the tradeStitching, decorative and novelty: for the trade
Hem-stitching, for the tradeSwiss loom embroideries
Lace, burnt-outTucking, for the trade
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2395Pleating and Stitching7,975
239500Pleating and stitching210
23950000Pleating and stitching210
239501Quilting and quilting supplies373
23950100Quilting and quilting supplies214
23950101Quilted fabrics or cloth86
23950102Quilting: for the trade73
239502Embroidery and art needlework7,314
23950200Embroidery and art needlework4,854
23950201Art goods for embroidering, stamped: purchased materials52
23950202Art needlework: made from purchased materials20
23950203Emblems, embroidered233
23950204Embroidery products, except Schiffli machine2,150
23950205Swiss loom embroideries5
239503Decorative and novelty stitching: for the trade62
23950300Decorative and novelty stitching: for the trade41
23950301Appliqueing: for the trade12
23950302Eyelet making: for the trade2
23950303Hemstitching: for the trade3
23950304Lace, burnt-out: for the trade2
23950305Looping: for the trade1
23950307Scalloping: for the trade1
239504Pleating and tucking: for the trade15
23950400Pleating and tucking: for the trade7
23950401Permanent pleating and pressing: for the trade4
23950402Tucking: for the trade4
239599Pleating and stitching, nec1
23959901Buttonhole making, except fur: for the trade1
23959902Crochet ware, machine-made0