SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2392—House furnishing, Except Curtains and Draperies
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing house furnishings, such as blankets, bedspreads, sheets, table cloths, towels, and shower curtains from purchased materials. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing curtains and draperies are classified in Industry 2391. Establishments producing house furnishings primarily of fabric woven at the same establishment are classified in Industries 2211, 2221, 2231, or 2299 according to fiber.

Bags, garment storage: except paper or plastics filmMattress pads
Bags, laundry—mfpmMattress protectors, except rubber
Bath mitts (washcloths)Mops, floor and dust
Bedspreads and bed sets—mfpmNapkins, fabric and non-woven textiles—mfpm
Blanket bags, plasticPads and padding, table: except asbestos, felt, rattan, reed, and willow
Blankets—mfpmPillow cases—mfpm
Boat cushionsPillows, bed—mfpm
Bridge sets (cloths and napkins)Placemats, plastics and textiles
Chair covers, clothPolishing cloths, plain
Chair pads, except feltQuilts—mfpm
Comforters or comfortables—mfpmScarves: e.g., table, dresser—mfpm
Curtains, shower—mfpmSheets, fabric—mfpm
Cushions, except spring and carpet cushionsSheets, hospital: non-woven textile
Dishcloths, non-woven textileShoe bags—mfpm
Dust clothsSlipcovers: made of fabrics, plastics and other material except paper
Dusters, fabricTable cloths, plastics
Dusting cloths, plainTable cloths—mfpm
Hassocks, textileTable mats, plastics and textiles
House furnishings, except curtains and draperiesTowels, fabric and non-woven textiles—mfpm
Ironing board pads—mfpmWardrobe bags—mfpm
Linings, carpet: textile, except feltWashcloths—mfpm
Lunch cloths—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2392Household Furnishings, Nec1,094
239200Household furnishings, nec279
23920000Household furnishings, nec279
239201Cushions and pillows279
23920100Cushions and pillows183
23920101Boat cushions19
23920102Hassocks, textile: made from purchased materials3
23920103Pillows, bed: made from purchased materials74
239202Laundry, garment and storage bags59
23920200Laundry, garment and storage bags19
23920201Bags, garment storage: except paper or plastic film32
23920202Bags, laundry: made from purchased materials3
23920203Blanket bags, plastic: made from purchased materials1
23920204Shoe bags: made from purchased materials4
239203Blankets, comforters and beddings208
23920300Blankets, comforters and beddings88
23920301Bedspreads and bed sets: made from purchased materials38
23920302Blankets: made from purchased materials11
23920303Comforters and quilts: made from purchased materials63
23920304Pillowcases: made from purchased materials8
239204Tablecloths and table settings67
23920400Tablecloths and table settings16
23920401Napkins, fabric and nonwoven: made from purchased materials5
23920402Pads and padding, table: except asbestos, felt, or rattan8
23920403Placemats, plastic or textile8
23920404Scarves: table, dresser, etc.: from purchased materials3
23920405Table mats, plastic and textile7
23920406Tablecloths: made from purchased materials20
239205Towels, dishcloths and dust cloths37
23920500Towels, dishcloths and dust cloths8
23920501Dishcloths, nonwoven textile: made from purchased materials3
23920502Dust cloths: made from purchased materials5
23920503Polishing cloths, plain4
23920504Towels, fabric and nonwoven: made from purchased materials13
23920505Washcloths and bath mitts: made from purchased materials4
239206Slip covers and pads101
23920600Slip covers and pads7
23920601Chair covers and pads: made from purchased materials14
23920602Ironing board pads: made from purchased materials2
23920603Linings, carpet: textile, except felt9
23920604Mattress pads33
23920605Mattress protectors, except rubber5
23920606Slip covers: made of fabric, plastic, etc.31
239299Household furnishings, nec, nec64
23929901Bridge sets, cloth and napkin: from purchased materials6
23929902Mops, floor and dust38
23929903Sheets, fabric: made from purchased materials8
23929904Shower curtains: made from purchased materials12