SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2399—Fabricated Textile Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated textile products, not elsewhere classified.

Aprons, breast (harness)Flags, fabric
Badges, made from fabricGlove mending on factory basis
Bags, sleepingHammocks, fabric—mfpm
BandoleersInsignia, military: textile
Banners, made from fabricNets, launderers' and dyers'
Belting, fabric—mfpmParachutes
Belts, money: made of any materialPennants
Blankets, horse—mfpmPowder puffs and mitts
Cheese bandages—mfpmSaddle cloths
Covers, automobile tire and seat—mfpmSafety strap assemblies, automobile: except leather
Diapers, except disposable—mfpmSeat belts, automobile and aircraft: except leather
Emblems, made from fabricsStrap assemblies, tie down: aircraft—except leather
Fishing nets—mfpmWelts—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2399Fabricated Textile Products, Nec1,544
239900Fabricated textile products, nec219
23990000Fabricated textile products, nec219
239901Emblems, badges, and insignia118
23990100Emblems, badges, and insignia76
23990101Emblems, badges, and insignia: from purchased materials21
23990102Military insignia, textile21
239902Horse and pet accessories, textile273
23990200Horse and pet accessories, textile96
23990201Horse blankets31
23990202Horse harnesses and riding crops, etc.: non-leather59
23990203Pet collars, leashes, etc.: non-leather81
23990204Saddle cloth6
239903Banners, pennants, and flags202
23990300Banners, pennants, and flags88
23990301Banners, made from fabric46
23990302Flags, fabric65
239904Belting and belt products62
23990400Belting and belt products23
23990402Belting, fabric: made from purchased materials7
23990403Money belts1
23990404Seat belts, automobile and aircraft30
239905Hand woven and crocheted products259
23990500Hand woven and crocheted products217
23990501Hand crocheted ware, except hats6
23990502Hand woven apparel31
23990503Hats, hand crocheted5
239906Hammocks and other net products134
23990600Hammocks and other net products19
23990601Fishing nets101
23990602Hammocks, fabric: made from purchased materials10
23990603Nets, launderers and dyers4
239999Fabricated textile products, nec, nec277
23999901Aprons, breast (harness)39
23999902Automotive covers, except seat and tire covers55
23999903Book covers, fabric9
23999904Cheese bandages, made from purchased materials3
23999905Diapers, except disposable: made from purchased materials10
23999906Glove mending on factory basis1
23999907Infant carriers9
23999909Powder puffs and mitts1
23999910Seat covers, automobile66
23999911Sleeping bags18
23999912Tire covers7
23999913Welts: made from purchased materials5