Industry: 2342—Brassieres, Girdles, and Allied Garments
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing brassieres, girdles, corsets, corset accessories, and allied garments. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing surgical and orthopedic appliances are classified in Industry 3842.

Brassieres—mfpmGirdles, women's and misses'—mfpm
Corset accessories e.g., clasps and stays—mfpmMaternity bras and corsets—mfpm
Corsets and allied garments, except surgical women's and misses'—mfpmPanty girdles—mfpm
Foundation garments, women's—mfpm
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2342Bras, Girdles, and Allied Garments132
234200Bras, girdles, and allied garments0
23420000Bras, girdles, and allied garments56
234299Bras, girdles, and allied garments, nec0
23429902Corset accessories: clasps, stays, etc.3
23429903Corsets and allied garments8
23429904Foundation garments, women's24
23429905Girdles and panty girdles3
23429906Maternity bras and corsets5