SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2385—Waterproof Outerwear
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing raincoats and other waterproof outerwear from purchased rubberized fabrics, plastics, and similar materials. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing waterproof or water-repellant outerwear from purchased woven or knit fabrics other than wool. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing men's and boys'oiled-fabric work clothing are classified in Industry 2326, and those manufacturing vulcanized rubber clothing and clothing made from rubberized fabrics produced in the same establishment are classified in Industry 3069.

Aprons, waterproof: except vulcanized rubber—mfpmPants, waterproof—mfpm
Bibs, waterproof—mfpmPlastics gowns
Clothing, waterproof—mfpmRaincoats, except vulcanized rubber—mfpm
Diaper covers, waterproof: except vulcanized rubberWaterproof and water-repellent outerwear, except vulcanized rubber, oiled, and wool—mfpm
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2385Waterproof Outerwear59
238500Waterproof outerwear40
23850000Waterproof outerwear40
238599Waterproof outerwear, nec19
23859901Aprons, waterproof: made from purchased materials2
23859902Bibs, waterproof: made from purchased materials3
23859903Diaper covers, waterproof: made from purchased materials4
23859904Gowns, plastic: made from purchased materials1
23859905Raincoats, except vulcanized rubber: purchased materials9