SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2353—Hats, Caps, and Millinery
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hats, caps, and millinery, and hat bodies. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing millinery trimmings are classified in Industry 2396. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hats and caps of paper are classified in Industry 2679; those manufacturing caps of rubber are classified in Industry 3069; those manufacturing caps of plastics are classified in Industry 3089; and those manufacturing fur hats are classified in Industry 2371.

Baseball caps, except plasticsHelmets, jungle-cloth: wool-lined
Caps: textiles, straw, fur-felt, and wool-felt—mfpmMillinery
Chauffeurs' hats and caps, clothOpera hats
Harvest hats, strawPanama hats
Hat bodies fur-felt, straw, and wool-feltPolice hats and caps, except protective head gear
Hats textiles, straw, fur-felt, and wool-feltUniform hats and caps, except protective head gear
Hats, trimmed
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2353Hats, Caps, and Millinery578
235300Hats, caps, and millinery288
23530000Hats, caps, and millinery288
235301Uniform hats and caps37
23530100Uniform hats and caps18
23530101Baseball caps17
23530102Chauffeurs' hats and caps, cloth1
23530103Police hats and caps1
235399Hats, caps, and millinery, nec253
23539901Caps: cloth, straw, and felt12
23539902Harvest hats, straw3
23539903Hat bodies: fur felt, straw, and wool felt4
23539904Hats and caps, nec177
23539905Hats, trimmed: women's, misses', and children's13
23539906Hats: cloth, straw, and felt18
23539907Helmets, jungle cloth: wool lined2
23539909Opera hats0
23539910Panama hats9
23539911Silk hats2