SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2396—Automotive Trimmings, Apparel Findings, and Related Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing automotive trimmings, apparel findings, and related products. Included in this industry are establishments primarily engaged in printing and stamping on fabric articles.

Apparel findings and trimmings—mfpmPassementeries—mfpm
Bindings, bias—mfpmPrinting and embossing on fabric articles
Bindings, cap and hat—mfpmPrinting on fabric articles
Collar linings, for men's coatsRibbons and bows, cut and sewed
Findings, suit and coat: e.g., coat fronts, pocketsSilk screening on fabric articles
Hat findings, men'sStamping fabrics for embroidering
Hatters' furStraps, shoulder: for women's underwear—mfpm
Linings, handbag or pocketbookSweatbands, hat and cap
Linings, hat: men'sTip printing and stamping on fabric articles
Linings, luggageTrimmings, fabric: auto, furniture, millinery, dress, coat, and suit—mfpm
Linings: e.g., suit, coat, shirt, skirt, dress, necktie, millineryTrimmings, hat: men's
Luggage liningsVeils and veiling, hat
Millinery trimmings—mfpmVisors, cap
Pads, shoulder: e.g., for coats and suitsWaistbands, trouser
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2396Automotive and Apparel Trimmings1,451
239600Automotive and apparel trimmings159
23960000Automotive and apparel trimmings159
239601Apparel and other linings, except millinery60
23960100Apparel and other linings, except millinery38
23960101Collar linings, men's coats0
23960102Linings, apparel: made from purchased materials17
23960103Linings, handbag or pocketbook5
239602Apparel findings and trimmings66
23960200Apparel findings and trimmings21
23960201Bindings, bias: made from purchased materials4
23960202Pads, shoulder: for coats, suits, etc.6
23960204Ribbons and bows, cut and sewed23
23960205Shoulder straps, for women's underwear1
23960206Trimming, fabric, nsk6
23960207Waistbands, trouser1
239603Millinery materials and supplies8
23960300Millinery materials and supplies2
23960301Bindings, cap and hat: made from purchased materials1
23960302Cap fronts and visors1
23960304Hat linings and trimmings, men's0
23960306Sweat bands, hat and cap: made from purchased materials4
239604Fabric printing and stamping1,103
23960400Fabric printing and stamping155
23960401Printing and embossing on plastics fabric articles72
23960402Screen printing on fabric articles845
23960403Stamping fabric articles6
23960404Tip printing and stamping on fabric4
23960405Veils and veiling: bridal, funeral, etc.21
239699Automotive and apparel trimmings, nec55
23969901Automotive trimmings, fabric47
23969902Furniture trimmings, fabric8