SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2311—Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats, and Overcoats
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing men's and boys' tailored suits, coats, and overcoats from purchased woven or knit fabrics. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing uniforms (except athletic and work uniforms) are also included in this industry. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing men's work uniforms and clothing are classified in Industry 2326, and those manufacturing men's and boys'athletic uniforms are classified in Industry 2329. Knitting mills primarily engaged in manufacturing suits and coats are classified in Industry 2253.

Coats tailored: men's and boys'—mfpmSuits, tailored: men's and boys'—mfpm
Firefighters' dress uniforms men'sTailored dress ad sport coats: men's and boys'
Formal jackets, men's and boys'Topcoats: men's and boys'
Jackets, tailored suit-type: men's and boys'Tuxedos
Military uniforms, tailored: men's and boys'Uniforms, tailored: men's and boys'
Overcoats: men's and boys'Vests, tailored: men's and boys'
Police uniforms men's
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2311Men's and Boy's Suits and Coats534
231100Men's and boy's suits and coats139
23110000Men's and boy's suits and coats139
231101Tailored suits and formal jackets153
23110100Tailored suits and formal jackets41
23110101Formal jackets, men's and youths': from purchased materials5
23110102Jackets, tailored suit-type: men's and boys'9
23110103Suits, men's and boys': made from purchased materials54
23110104Tailored dress and sport coats: men's and boys'11
23110105Tuxedos: made from purchased materials33
231102Coats, overcoats and vests31
23110200Coats, overcoats and vests15
23110201Coats, tailored: men's and boys': from purchased materials6
23110202Overcoats and topcoats: men's, youths' and boys'3
23110203Vests: made from purchased materials7
231103Men's and boys' uniforms211
23110300Men's and boys' uniforms62
23110301Firemen's uniforms: made from purchased materials11
23110302Military uniforms, men's and youths': purchased materials119
23110303Policemen's uniforms: made from purchased materials19