SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2337—Women's, Misses', and Juniors' Suits, Skirts, and Coats
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing women's, misses', and juniors'suits, pantsuits, skirts, coats, except fur coats and raincoats, and tailored jackets and vests, from purchased woven or knit fabrics. These garments are generally tailored and usually lined. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fur clothing are classified in Industry 2371; and those manufacturing raincoats are classified in Industry 2385. Knitting mills primarily engaged in manufacturing knit outerwear are classified in Industry 2253.

Capes, except fur and vulcanized rubber: women's, misses', and juniors—mfpmSkirts, except tennis skirts: women's misses', and juniors'—mfpm
Coats, except fur and raincoats: women's, misses', and juniors'—mfpmSuits, except playsuits and athletic: women's, misses', and juniors'
Jackets, tailored, except fur, sheeplined, and leather: women's, misses', and juniors'—mfpmUniforms except athletic and service apparel: women's, misses', and juniors—mfpm
Jumpsuits: women's, misses', and juniors'—mfpmVests, except tailored: women's, misses', and juniors'—mfpm
Pantsuits: women's, misses', and juniors'—mfpm
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2337Women's and Misses' Suits and Coats193
233700Women's and misses' suits and coats88
23370000Women's and misses' suits and coats88
233701Women's and misses' suits and skirts47
23370100Women's and misses' suits and skirts25
23370101Pantsuits: women's, misses' and juniors'3
23370102Skirts, separate: women's, misses', and juniors'9
23370103Suits: women's, misses', and juniors'10
233702Women's and misses' capes and jackets10
23370200Women's and misses' capes and jackets2
23370201Capes, except fur or rubber: women's, misses', and juniors'1
23370202Jackets and vests, except fur and leather: women's7
233799Women's and misses' suits and coats, nec48
23379901Uniforms, except athletic: women's, misses', and juniors'48