SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2326—Men's and Boys' Work Clothing
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing men's and boys' work shirts, workpants (excluding jeans and dungarees), other work clothing, and washable service apparel. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing separate trousers and slacks are classified in Industry 2325.

Aprons, work, except rubberized and plastics men's—mfpmPants, work, except jeans and dungarees men's and boys'—mfpm
Coveralls, work: men's and boys'—mfpmService apparel, washable men's—mfpm
Industrial garments: men's and boys'—mfpmShirts, work: men's and boys'—mfpm
Jackets, overall and work men's and boys'—mfpmSuits, work: men's—mfpm
Laboratory coats: men's—mfpmUniforms, non-tailored work type: men's—mfpm
Medical uniforms, men's—mfpmUniforms, work: men's—mfpm
Overall jackets: men's and boys'—mfpmWork garments, waterproof, men's and boys': except raincoats—mfpm
Overalls, work men's and boys'—mfpmWorkpants, except jeans and dungarees men's and boys'—mfpm
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2326Men's and Boy's Work Clothing802
232600Men's and boy's work clothing345
23260000Men's and boy's work clothing345
232601Work uniforms270
23260100Work uniforms117
23260101Medical and hospital uniforms, men's146
23260102Overalls and coveralls7
232602Work apparel, except uniforms187
23260200Work apparel, except uniforms60
23260201Aprons, work, except rubberized and plastic: men's25
23260202Industrial garments, men's and boys'27
23260203Jackets, overall and work8
23260204Service apparel (baker, barber, lab, etc.), washable: men's51
23260205Work garments, except raincoats: waterproof8
23260206Work pants5
23260207Work shirts: men's, youths', and boys'3