SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2386—Leather and Sheep-Lined Clothing
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather and sheep-lined clothing. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing leather gloves and mittens are classified in Industry 3151, and those manufacturing fur clothing are classified in Industry 2371.

Caps, leatherHats, leather
Clothing, leather or sheep-linedJackets, leather (except welders') or sheep-lined
Coats, leather or sheep-linedPants, leather
Garments, leather or sheep-linedVests, leather or sheep lined
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2386Leather and Sheep-lined Clothing143
238600Leather and sheep-lined clothing49
23860000Leather and sheep-lined clothing49
238601Leather and sheep-lined coats and hats29
23860100Leather and sheep-lined coats and hats0
23860101Coats and jackets, leather and sheep-lined21
23860102Hats and caps, leather8
238602Leather and sheep-lined garments65
23860200Leather and sheep-lined garments9
23860201Garments, leather49
23860202Garments, sheep-lined7
23860203Pants, leather0