Industry: 2394—Canvas and Related Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing awnings, tents, and related products from purchased fabrics. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing canvas bags are classified in Industry 2393.

Air cushions, canvasLiners and covers, fabric: pond, pit, and landfill—mfpm
Awnings, fabric—mfpmPneumatic mattresses—mfpm
Canopies, fabric—mfpmSails—mfpm
Canvas products, except bags and knapsacks—mfpmShades, canvas
Cloths, drop: fabric—mfpmSwimming pool covers and blankets, fabric—mfpm
Covers, fabric—mfpmTarpaulins, fabric—mfpm
Curtains: dock and welding—mfpmTents—mfpm
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2394Canvas and Related Products1,567
239400Canvas and related products519
23940000Canvas and related products519
239401Canvas awnings and canopies481
23940100Canvas awnings and canopies82
23940101Awnings, fabric: made from purchased materials371
23940102Canopies, fabric: made from purchased materials28
239402Canvas covers and drop cloths213
23940200Canvas covers and drop cloths37
23940201Cloth, drop (fabric): made from purchased materials15
23940202Liners and covers, fabric: made from purchased materials65
23940203Tarpaulins, fabric: made from purchased materials96
239499Canvas and related products, nec354
23949901Air cushions and mattresses, canvas15
23949902Canvas boat seats21
23949903Convertible tops, canvas or boat: from purchased materials82
23949904Sails: made from purchased materials137
23949905Shades, canvas: made from purchased materials18
23949906Tents: made from purchased materials81