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Code Industry TitleNumber of
US Entities
01-09 Agriculture, Forestry, And Fishing681,131
10-14 Mining36,187
15-17 Construction1,475,247
20-39 Manufacturing677,428
40-49 Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas, And Sanitary Services984,992
50-51 Wholesale Trade705,471
52-59 Retail Trade2,614,057
60-67 Finance, Insurance, And Real Estate1,651,146
70-89 Services8,547,280
90-99 Public Administration258,741
Total US Business Entities17,631,680
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  Free Downloadable Market Analysis Profiles

Market Analysis Profiles

Available Market Analysis Profiles include Six-Digit NAICS Counts Profiled by Annual Sales, Employees on Site or Total Employees. Custom Market Analysis Profiles are also Available upon Request.

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