Counts by State

State Number of Businesses State Number of Businesses
Alabama 200,938 Montana 71,290
Alaska 40,827 Nebraska 107,856
Arizona 340,999 Nevada 120,436
Arkansas 127,594 New Hampshire 78,127
California 1,968,237 New Jersey 479,887
Colorado 353,376 New Mexico 91,453
Connecticut 218,138 New York 933,205
Delaware 51,808 North Carolina 496,661
District of Columbia 47,837 North Dakota 47,954
Florida 1,484,737 Ohio 544,615
Georgia 554,269 Oklahoma 186,988
Hawaii 58,182 Oregon 255,782
Idaho 91,398 Pennsylvania 624,335
Illinois 561,976 Puerto Rico 10,231
Indiana 301,168 Rhode Island 54,450
Iowa 178,605 South Carolina 219,505
Kansas 141,204 South Dakota 53,074
Kentucky 194,038 Tennessee 288,713
Louisiana 238,942 Texas 1,408,572
Maine 69,515 Utah 146,506
Maryland 318,047 Vermont 41,927
Massachusetts 368,188 Virgin Islands 800
Michigan 455,666 Virginia 435,338
Minnesota 312,666 Washington 366,842
Mississippi 113,508 West Virginia 62,285
Missouri 293,278 Wisconsin 266,813
Wyoming 34,677
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