Standard Industrial Code Divisions

Major Group: 24—Lumber And Wood Products, Except Furniture

This major group includes establishments engaged in cutting timber and pulpwood; merchant sawmills, lath mills, shingle mills, cooperage stock mills, planing mills, and plywood mills and veneer mills engaged in producing lumber and wood basic materials; and establishments engaged in manufacturing finished articles made entirely or mainly of wood or related materials. Certain types of establishments producing wood products are classified elsewhere. For example, furniture and office and store fixtures are classified in Major Group 25; musical instruments, toys and playground equipment, and caskets are classified in Major Group 39. Woodworking in connection with construction, in the nature of reconditioning and repair, or performed to individual order, is classified in nonmanufacturing industries. Establishments engaged in integrated operations of logging combined with sawmills, pulp mills, or other converting activity, with the logging not separately reported, are classified according to the primary product shipped.

Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
Industry Group 241: Logging
Industry Group 242: Sawmills And Planing Mills
2421Sawmills and Planing Mills, General3,235
2426Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills1,129
2429Special Product Sawmills, Not Elsewhere Classified112
Industry Group 243: Millwork, Veneer, Plywood, And Structural Wood Members
2434Wood Kitchen Cabinets10,633
2435Hardwood Veneer and Plywood301
2436Softwood Veneer and Plywood82
2439Structural Wood Members, Not Elsewhere Classified925
Industry Group 244: Wood Containers
2441Nailed and Lock Corner Wood Boxes and Shook234
2448Wood Pallets and Skids2,912
2449Wood Containers, Not Elsewhere Classified320
Industry Group 245: Wood Buildings And Mobile Homes
2451Mobile Homes521
2452Prefabricated Wood Buildings and Components1,123
Industry Group 249: Miscellaneous Wood Products
2491Wood Preserving631
2493Reconstituted Wood Products312
2499Wood Products, Not Elsewhere Classified5,073