SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2436—Softwood Veneer and Plywood
Establishments primarily engaged in producing commercial softwood veneer and plywood, from veneer produced in the same establishment or from purchased veneer. Establishments primarily engaged in producing commercial hardwood veneer and plywood are classified in Industry 2435. Establishments primarily engaged in the production of veneer which is used in the same establishment for the manufacture of wood containers such as fruit and vegetable baskets and wood boxes are classified in Industry Group 244.

Panels, softwood plywoodSoftwood veneer or plywood
Plywood, softwoodVeneer mills, softwood
Softwood plywood composites
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2436Softwood Veneer and Plywood83
243600Softwood veneer and plywood36
24360000Softwood veneer and plywood36
243699Softwood veneer and plywood, nec47
24369901Panels, softwood plywood7
24369902Plywood, softwood33
24369903Veneer stock, softwood7