Industry: 2491—Wood Preserving
Establishments primarily engaged in treating wood, sawed or planed in other establishments, with creosote or other preservatives to prevent decay and to protect against fire and insects. This industry also includes the cutting, treating, and selling of poles, posts, and piling, but establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing other wood products, which they may also treat with preservatives, are not included.

Bridges and trestles, wood: treatedPoles, cutting and preserving
Creosoting of woodPosts, wood: treated
Crossties, treatedPreserving of wood (creosoting)
Flooring, wood block: treatedRailroad cross bridge and switch ties treated
Millwork, treatedRailway crossties, wood: treated
Mine props, treatedStructural lumber and timber, treated
Mine ties, wood: treatedVehicle lumber, treated
Piles, foundation and marine construction: treatedWood fence: pickets, poling, rails—treated
Piling, wood: treatedWood products, creosoted
Poles and pole crossarms, treated
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2491Wood Preserving643
249100Wood preserving251
24910000Wood preserving251
249101Poles, posts and pilings: treated wood76
24910100Poles, posts and pilings: treated wood18
24910101Mine props, treated wood1
24910102Piles, foundation and marine construction: treated wood20
24910103Pilings, treated wood1
24910104Poles and pole crossarms, treated wood27
24910105Posts, treated wood9
249102Bridges and trestles, treated wood16
24910200Bridges and trestles, treated wood3
24910201Bridges, treated wood2
24910202Railroad cross bridges and switch ties, treated wood4
24910203Railroad cross-ties, treated wood7
24910204Trestles, treated wood0
249199Wood preserving, nec300
24919901Flooring, treated wood block22
24919902Millwork, treated wood37
24919903Preserving (creosoting) of wood20
24919904Structural lumber and timber, treated wood145
24919905Vehicle lumber, treated wood11
24919906Wood products, creosoted65