Industry: 2426—Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing hardwood dimension lumber and workings therefrom; and other hardwood dimension, semi-fabricated or ready for assembly; hardwood flooring; and wood frames for household furniture. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing stairwork, molding, and trim are classified in Industry 2431; and those manufacturing textile machinery bobbins, picker sticks, and shuttles are classified in Industry 3552.

Blanks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machineryGun stocks, wood
Blocks, wood: for bowling pins, handles, and textile machineryHandle blanks, wood
Bobbin blocks and blanks, woodHandle stock, sawed or planed
Brush blocks, wood: turned and shapedLumber, hardwood dimension
Carvings, furniture: woodParquet flooring, hardwood
Chair frames for upholstered furniture, woodPicker stick blanks
Chair seats, hardwoodRounds or rungs, ladder and furniture: hardwood
Dimension, hardwoodShuttle blocks: hardwood
Flooring, hardwoodSpool blocks and blanks, wood
Frames for upholstered furniture, woodStock, chair: hardwood—turned, shaped, or carved
Furniture dimension stock, hardwoodTable slides, for extension tables: wood
Furniture squares, hardwoodTurnings, furniture: wood
Furniture turnings and carvings, woodVehicle stock, hardwood
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2426Hardwood Dimension and Flooring Mills1,203
242600Hardwood dimension and flooring mills0
24260000Hardwood dimension and flooring mills201
242601Furniture stock and parts, hardwood0
24260100Furniture stock and parts, hardwood96
24260101Carvings, furniture: wood119
24260102Chair seats, hardwood7
24260103Frames for upholstered furniture, wood71
24260104Furniture dimension stock, hardwood25
24260105Furniture squares, hardwood9
24260106Rounds or rungs, furniture: hardwood4
24260107Stock, chair, hardwood: turned, shaped, or carved6
24260108Table slides, for extension tables: wood0
24260109Turnings, furniture: wood40
242602Blocks and blanks, hardwood0
24260200Blocks and blanks, hardwood5
24260201Blanks, wood: bowling pins, handles, etc.3
24260202Blocks, wood: bowling pins, handles, etc.3
24260203Bobbin blocks and blanks, wood1
24260204Brush blocks, wood: turned and shaped5
24260206Shuttle blocks, hardwood11
242603Stocks: gun, handle, vehicle, etc.0
24260300Stocks: gun, handle, vehicle, etc.14
24260301Gun stocks, wood27
24260302Handle stock, sawed or planed2
24260303Vehicle stock, hardwood3
242604Textile machinery accessories, hardwood0
24260400Textile machinery accessories, hardwood7
24260401Blanks, wood: textile machinery accessories1
24260402Blocks, wood: textile machinery accessories0
242699Hardwood dimension and flooring mills, nec0
24269901Dimension, hardwood34
24269902Flooring, hardwood378
24269903Lumber, hardwood dimension119
24269904Parquet flooring, hardwood10
24269905Rounds or rungs, ladder: hardwood1