SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2441—Nailed and Lock Corner Wood Boxes and Shook
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing nailed and lock corner wood boxes (lumber or plywood), and shook for nailed and lock corner boxes.

Ammunition boxes, woodEgg cases, wood
Box cleats, woodFlats, wood greenhouse
Boxes, wood plain or fabric covered, nailed or lock cornerPacking cases, wood nailed or lock corner
Carrier trays, woodShipping cases, wood: nailed or lock corner
Chests for tools, woodShook, box
Cigar boxes, wood and part woodTrunk slats, wood
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2441Nailed Wood Boxes and Shook245
244100Nailed wood boxes and shook34
24410000Nailed wood boxes and shook34
244101Boxes, wood106
24410100Boxes, wood92
24410101Ammunition boxes, wood8
24410102Box cleats, wood2
24410103Box shook, wood2
24410104Cigar boxes, wood and part wood2
244102Cases, wood79
24410200Cases, wood36
24410201Egg cases, wood0
24410202Packing cases, wood: nailed or lock corner16
24410203Shipping cases, wood: nailed or lock corner27
244103Chests and trunks, wood11
24410300Chests and trunks, wood6
24410301Tool chests, wood4
24410302Trunk slats, wood1
244199Nailed wood boxes and shook, nec15
24419901Carrier trays, wood2
24419902Flats, wood: greenhouse13