SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2449—Wood Containers, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing wood containers, not elsewhere classified, such as cooperage, wirebound boxes and crates, and other veneer and plywood containers. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing tobacco hogshead stock are classified in Industry 2421, and those manufacturing cooperage stock are classified in Industry 2429.

Barrels, wood: cooperedHampers, fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint
Baskets, fruit and vegetable: e.g., till, berry, climax, round staveHogsheads, wood: coopered
Berry cups, veneer and splintHot tubs, coopered
Boxes, wood: wireboundKegs, wood: coopered
Buckets, wood cooperedKits, wood: coopered
Casks, wood cooperedMarket baskets, fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint
Chicken coops (crates), wood: wirebound for shipping poultryPails, plywood
Climax basketsPails, wood: coopered
Containers made of stavesSplint baskets, for fruits and vegetables
Containers, veneer and plywood: except nailed and lock corner boxesTanks, wood: coopered
CooperageTierces (cooperage)
Coopered tubsTill baskets, veneer and splint
Crates: berry, butter, fruit, and vegetable—wood, wireboundTobacco hogsheads
Drums, plywoodTubs, wood: coopered
Drums, shipping: wood—wireboundVats, wood: coopered
Firkins and kits, wood: cooperedVegetable baskets, veneer and splint
Fruit baskets, veneer and splint
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2449Wood Containers, Nec313
244900Wood containers, nec89
24490000Wood containers, nec89
244901Food containers, wood wirebound18
24490100Food containers, wood wirebound6
24490101Berry crates, wood wirebound3
24490102Butter crates, wood: wirebound1
24490103Fruit crates, wood: wirebound7
24490104Vegetable crates, wood: wirebound1
244902Barrels, tubs and vats: wood, coopered29
24490200Barrels, tubs and vats: wood, coopered2
24490201Barrels: wood, coopered22
24490202Casks, wood: coopered0
24490203Hot tubs, wood0
24490204Pails, buckets, vats: wood, coopered3
24490205Tobacco hogsheads1
24490206Tubs, wood: coopered0
24490207Vats, wood: coopered1
244903Rectangular boxes and crates, wood113
24490300Rectangular boxes and crates, wood73
24490301Boxes, wood: wirebound11
24490302Chicken coops (crates), wood: wirebound7
24490303Planters and window boxes, wood5
24490304Shipping cases, wood: wirebound12
24490305Tanks, wood: coopered5
244999Wood containers, nec, nec64
24499901Baskets: fruit and vegetable, round stave, till, etc.31
24499902Containers, plywood and veneer wood13
24499903Shipping cases and drums, wood: wirebound and plywood20