SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2499—Wood Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous wood products, not elsewhere classified, and products from rattan, reed, splint, straw, veneer, veneer strips, wicker, and willow.

Applicators, woodMarket baskets, except fruit and vegetable: veneer and splint
Bakers' equipment, woodMarquetry, wood
Baskets, except fruit, vegetable, fish, and bait: (e.g., rattan, reed, straw)Mashers, potato: wood
Battery separators, woodMasts, wood
Bearings, woodMauls, wood
Beekeeping supplies, woodMoldings, picture frame: finished
Bentwood (steam bent) products, except furnitureNovelties, wood fiber
Blocks, tackle: woodOars, wood
Blocks, tailors' pressing: woodPads, table: rattan, reed, and willow
Boards, bulletin: wood and corkPaint sticks, wood
Boards: clip, ironing, meat, and pastry—woodPencil slats
Boot and shoe lasts, regardless of materialPlugs wood
Bowls, wood: turned and shapedPoles wood: e.g., clothesline, tent, flag
Briquettes, sawdust or bagasse: non-petroleum binderPressed logs of sawdust and other wood particles, non-petroleum
Bungs, woodPulleys, wood
Buoys, corkRacks, for drying clothes: wood
Bushings, woodRattan ware, except furniture
Cane, chair: woven of reed or rattanReed ware, except furniture
Carpets, corkReels cloth winding wood
Cloth winding reels, woodReels for drying clothes: wood
Clothes dryers (clothes horses), woodReels, plywood
Clothes drying frames, woodRollers, wood
Clothes pins, woodRolling pins, wood
Clubs, police: woodRules and rulers: wood, except slide
Cooling towers, wood or wood and sheet metal combinationSaddle trees, wood
Cork productsSawdust, reground
Corks, bottleScaffolds, wood
Covers, bottle and demijohn: willow, rattan, and reedScoops, wood
Curtain stretchers, woodSeat covers, rattan
Dishes, woodSeats, toilet: wood
Display forms for boots and shoes, regardless of materialShoe stretchers, regardless of material
Dowels, woodShoe trees, regardless of material
Extension planks, woodSignboards, wood
Faucets, woodSkewers, wood
Fellies, woodSnow fence
Fencing, wood: except rough pickets, poles, and railsSpars, wood
Firewood and fuel wood containing fuel binderSpigots, wood
Flour, woodSpokes, wood
Frames: medallion, mirror, photograph, and picture—wood or metalSpools, except for textile machinery: wood
Furniture inlays (veneers)Stakes, surveyors': wood
Garment hangers, woodStep-ladders, wood
Gavels, woodStoppers, cork
Grain measures, wood: turned and shapedTile, cork
Hammers, meat: woodTool handles, wood: turned and shaped
Hampers, laundry: rattan, reed, splint, veneer, and willowToothpicks, wood
Handles, wood: turned and shapedTrays: wood, wicker, and bagasse
Hubs, woodTrophy bases, wood
Insulating materials, corkVats, wood: except coopered
Jacks, ladder: woodWashboards, wood and part wood
Knobs, woodWebbing: cane, reed, and rattan
Ladders, woodWillow ware, except furniture
Last sole patterns, regardless of materialWood, except furniture: turned and carved
Letters, woodWoodenware, kitchen and household
Life preservers, corkYardsticks, wood
Mallets, wood
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2499Wood Products, Nec4,622
249900Wood products, nec1,105
24990000Wood products, nec1,105
249901Laundry products, wood135
24990100Laundry products, wood98
24990101Clothes drying frames, racks and reels, wood8
24990102Clothespins, wood5
24990103Garment hangers, wood8
24990104Hampers, laundry9
24990105Ironing boards, wood3
24990107Washboards, wood and part wood4
249902Shoe and boot products, wood36
24990200Shoe and boot products, wood12
24990201Display forms, boot and shoes9
24990202Last sole patterns0
24990203Lasts, boot and shoe5
24990205Shoe trees7
249903Ladders and stepladders, wood19
24990300Ladders and stepladders, wood3
24990302Ladders, wood14
24990303Stepladders, wood2
249904Picture and mirror frames, wood463
24990400Picture and mirror frames, wood296
24990401Picture frame molding, finished167
249905Cork and cork products51
24990500Cork and cork products16
24990501Carpets, cork0
24990502Corks, bottle10
24990503Insulating material, cork5
24990504Life preservers, cork0
24990505Tiles, cork20
249906Rulers and yardsticks, wood18
24990600Rulers and yardsticks, wood6
24990601Rulers and rules, wood4
24990602Yard sticks, wood8
249907Reed, rattan, wicker, and willow ware, except furniture12
24990700Reed, rattan, wicker, and willow ware, except furniture3
24990701Chair cane, rattan or reed5
24990704Table pads: rattan, reed, and willow1
24990705Webbing: cane, reed, and rattan0
24990706Willow ware, except furniture2
249908Handles, poles, dowels and stakes: wood171
24990800Handles, poles, dowels and stakes: wood28
24990801Dowels, wood10
24990802Flagpoles, wood2
24990803Handles, wood64
24990804Masts, wood2
24990805Paint sticks, wood6
24990806Pencil slats, wood6
24990807Poles, wood16
24990809Spars, wood1
24990810Spokes, wood0
24990811Surveyors' stakes, wood28
24990812Tool handles, wood8
249909Food handling and processing products, wood69
24990900Food handling and processing products, wood48
24990901Bakers' equipment, wood16
24990902Meat boards, wood4
24990904Pastry boards, wood0
24990906Rolling pins, wood1
249910Kitchen, bathroom, and household ware: wood241
24991000Kitchen, bathroom, and household ware: wood107
24991001Bowls, wood16
24991002Dishes, wood2
24991004Market baskets, wood12
24991005Seats, toilet19
24991007Toothpicks, wood2
24991008Trays: wood, wicker, and bagasse1
24991009Woodenware, kitchen and household81
249911Decorative wood and woodwork1,509
24991100Decorative wood and woodwork1,198
24991101Carved and turned wood188
24991102Engraved wood products68
24991103Furniture inlays (veneers)17
24991104Marquetry, wood1
24991105Novelties, wood fiber33
24991106Veneer work, inlaid4
249912Spools, reels, and pulleys: wood49
24991200Spools, reels, and pulleys: wood20
24991201Bearings, wood2
24991202Bushings, wood3
24991203Cloth winding reels, wood2
24991204Pulleys, wood0
24991205Reels, plywood11
24991206Rollers, wood1
24991207Spools, wood9
24991208Tackle blocks, wood1
249913Mulch or sawdust products, wood191
24991300Mulch or sawdust products, wood54
24991301Briquettes, sawdust or bagasse: nonpetroleum binder4
24991302Logs of sawdust and wood particles, pressed11
24991303Mulch, wood and bark118
24991304Sawdust, reground1
24991305Wood flour3
249914Mallets, hammers, and clubs: wood8
24991400Mallets, hammers, and clubs: wood0
24991401Gavels, wood1
24991402Mallets, wood0
24991403Mauls, wood0
24991404Policemen's clubs, wood7
249915Stoppers and plugs, wood12
24991500Stoppers and plugs, wood2
24991501Bungs, wood0
24991502Hubs, wood2
24991503Knobs, wood6
24991504Plugs, wood2
24991505Stoppers, wood0
249916Fencing, docks, and other outdoor wood structural products263
24991600Fencing, docks, and other outdoor wood structural products61
24991601Extension planks, wood5
24991602Fencing, wood76
24991603Floating docks, wood16
24991604Scaffolds, wood6
24991605Signboards, wood95
24991606Snow fence, wood4
249999Wood products, nec, nec270
24999901Applicators, wood69
24999902Battery separators, wood1
24999903Beekeeping supplies, wood17
24999904Bentwood (steam bent) products, except furniture2
24999905Clip boards, wood1
24999906Cooling towers, wood or wood and sheet metal combination22
24999907Curtain stretchers, wood0
24999908Fellies, wood0
24999909Grain measures, wood2
24999910Letters, wood2
24999911Oars and paddles, wood28
24999912Saddle trees, wood13
24999913Scoops, wood1
24999914Trophy bases, wood112