Industry: 2411—Logging
Establishments primarily engaged in cutting timber and in producing rough, round, hewn, or riven primary forest or wood raw materials, or in producing wood chips in the field. Independent contractors engaged in estimating or trucking timber, but who perform no cutting operations, are classified in nonmanufacturing industries. Establishments primarily engaged in the collection of bark, sap, gum, and other forest products are classified in Forestry, Major Group 08.

Bolts, wood: e.g., handle, heading, shingle, stavePoles, wood: untreated
Burls, woodPosts, wood: hewn, round, or split
Driving timberPulpwood camps
Fuel wood harvestingPulpwood contractors engaged in cutting
Last blocks, wood: hewn or rivenRails fence: round or split
Logging contractorsSaw logs
LogsSkidding logs
Mine timbers, hewnStumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing
Peeler logsStumps
Pickets and paling: round or splitTimber (product of logging camps)
Piling, wood: untreatedVeneer logs
Pole cutting contractorsWood chips, produced in the field
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
241101Wooden bolts, hewn13
24110100Wooden bolts, hewn6
24110101Handle bolts, wood: hewn4
24110102Heading bolts, wood: hewn1
24110103Shingle bolts, wood: hewn1
24110104Stave bolts, wood: hewn1
241102Poles, posts, and pilings: untreated wood161
24110200Poles, posts, and pilings: untreated wood9
24110201Driving and booming timber23
24110202Mine timbers, hewn14
24110203Pickets and paling: round or split1
24110204Piling, wood: untreated2
24110205Pole cutting contractors10
24110206Poles, wood: untreated11
24110207Posts, wood: hewn, round, or split10
24110208Rails, fence: round or split34
24110209Stumps, wood47
241103Wooden logs177
24110300Wooden logs71
24110301Peeler logs5
24110302Pulpwood camp not operating a pulp mill at same site3
24110303Pulpwood contractors engaged in cutting63
24110304Saw logs19
24110305Skidding logs7
24110306Veneer logs9
241199Logging, nec3,048
24119901Fuel wood harvesting24
24119902Last blocks, wood: hewn or riven3
24119903Logging camps and contractors2,597
24119904Stumping for turpentine or powder manufacturing16
24119905Timber, cut at logging camp372
24119906Wheelstock, hewn4
24119907Wood chips, produced in the field32