SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2451—Mobile Homes
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mobile homes and nonresidential mobile buildings These units are generally more than 35 feet long, at least 8 feet wide, do not have facilities for storage of water or waste, and are equipped with wheels. Trailers that are generally 35 feet long or less, 8 feet wide or less, and with self-contained facilities are classified in Industry 3792. Portable wood buildings not equipped with wheels are classified in Industry 2452.

Buildings, mobile: commercial useMobile dwellings
Mobile buildings for commercial use (e.g., offices, banks)Mobile homes, except recreational
Mobile classrooms
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2451Mobile Homes625
245100Mobile homes470
24510000Mobile homes470
245101Mobile homes, personal or private use105
24510100Mobile homes, personal or private use66
24510101Mobile home frames8
24510102Mobile homes, except recreational31
245102Mobile homes, industrial or commercial use50
24510200Mobile homes, industrial or commercial use10
24510201Mobile buildings: for commercial use40
24510202Mobile classrooms0