Industry: 2429—Special Product Sawmills, Not Elsewhere Classified
Mills primarily engaged in manufacturing excelsior, wood shingles, and cooperage stock; and in sawing special products, not elsewhere classified.

Barrel heading and staves, sawed or splitShakes (hand split shingles)
Cooperage stock millsShingle mills, wood
Cooperage stock: staves, heading, and hoops sawed or splitShingles, wood: sawed or hand split
Excelsior, including pads and wrappers: woodWood wool (excelsior)
Hoops, wood: for tight or slack cooperage—sawed or splitWrappers, excelsior
Sawmills, special product: except lumber and veneer mills
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2429Special Product Sawmills, Nec121
242900Special product sawmills, nec38
24290000Special product sawmills, nec38
242901Barrels and barrel parts39
24290100Barrels and barrel parts20
24290101Cooperage stock products: staves, headings, hoops, etc.5
24290102Heading, barrel (cooperage stock): sawed or split6
24290103Hoops, wood, for tight or slack cooperage: sawed or split1
24290104Staves, barrel: sawed or split7
242902Shavings and packaging, excelsior14
24290200Shavings and packaging, excelsior7
24290201Excelsior, including pads and wrappers: wood4
24290202Wood wool, excelsior1
24290203Wrappers, excelsior2
242903Shingle and shingle mills30
24290300Shingle and shingle mills5
24290301Shakes (hand split shingles)18
24290302Shingle mill1
24290303Shingles, wood: sawed or hand split6