SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2493—Reconstituted Wood Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing reconstituted wood products. Important products of this industry are hardboard, particleboard, insulation board, medium density fiberboard, wafer-board, and oriented strandboard.

Board, bagasseParticleboard
FlakeboardReconstituted wood panels
HardboardStrandboard, oriented
Insulating siding, board—mitseWafer-board
Insulation board, cellular fiber or hard pressed (without gypsum)—mitseWall tile, fiberboard
Lath, fiberWallboard, wood fiber: cellular fiber or hard pressed—mitse
Medium density fiberboard (MDF)
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2493Reconstituted Wood Products321
249300Reconstituted wood products138
24930000Reconstituted wood products138
249301Building board and wallboard, except gypsum9
24930100Building board and wallboard, except gypsum8
24930101Building board, except gypsum, nsk0
24930102Wallboard, except gypsum1
249302Particleboard products40
24930200Particleboard products18
24930202Particleboard, plastic laminated18
249303Hardboard and fiberboard products44
24930300Hardboard and fiberboard products4
24930301Bagasse board0
24930302Fiberboard, wood14
24930304Marbleboard (stone face hard board)15
24930305Wall tile, fiberboard3
249304Insulation and roofing material, reconstituted wood63
24930400Insulation and roofing material, reconstituted wood37
24930401Insulating board, hard pressed2
24930402Insulation board, cellular fiber16
24930403Roofing board, unsaturated3
24930404Roofing, wood fiber5
249399Reconstituted wood products, nec27
24939901Bulletin boards, cork6
24939902Bulletin boards, wood7
24939903Strandboard, oriented14