Industry: 2431—Millwork
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated wood millwork, including wood millwork covered with materials such as metal and plastics. Planing mills primarily engaged in producing millwork are included in this industry, but planing mills primarily producing standard workings or patterns of lumber are classified in Industry 2421. Establishments primarily manufacturing wood kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities for permanent installation are classified in Industry 2434.

Awnings, woodPorch work, wood
Blinds (shutters), woodRailings, stair: wood
Brackets, woodSash, door and window: wood and covered wood
Door jambs, woodScreens, door and window wood
Door trim, woodShutters, door and window: wood and covered wood
Door units, prehung: wood and covered woodSilo staves, wood
Doors, combination screen-storm: woodStaircases and stairs, wood
Doors, wood and covered woodTrellises, wood
Floor baseboards, woodTrim, wood and covered wood
Garage doors, overhead: woodVenetian blind slab, wood
Jalousies, glass: wood frameWainscots, wood
Louver windows and doors, glass with wood frameWeather strip, wood
Millwork productsWindow frames and sash, wood and covered wood
Moldings, wood and covered wood: unfinished and prefinishedWindow screens, wood
Newel posts, woodWindow trim, wood and covered wood
Ornamental woodwork: e.g., cornices and mantelsWindow units, wood and covered wood
Panel work, woodWoodwork, interior and ornamental: eg., windows, doors, sash, and mantels
Planing mills, millwork
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
243101Doors and door parts and trim, wood905
24310100Doors and door parts and trim, wood232
24310101Door frames, wood111
24310102Door sashes, wood9
24310103Door screens, metal covered wood10
24310104Door screens, wood frame10
24310105Door shutters, wood51
24310106Door trim, wood12
24310107Doors, combination screen-storm, wood12
24310108Doors, wood317
24310109Garage doors, overhead, wood134
24310110Louver doors: wood7
243102Windows and window parts and trim, wood434
24310200Windows and window parts and trim, wood122
24310201Dormers, wood2
24310202Jalousies, glass, wood frame4
24310203Louver windows, glass, wood frame15
24310204Storm windows, wood10
24310205Window frames, wood50
24310206Window sashes, wood14
24310207Window screens, wood frame21
24310208Window shutters, wood99
24310209Window trim, wood11
24310210Windows, wood86
243103Moldings and baseboards, ornamental and trim290
24310300Moldings and baseboards, ornamental and trim51
24310301Floor baseboards, wood12
24310302Mantels, wood25
24310303Moldings, wood: unfinished and prefinished201
24310304Weather strip, wood1
243104Awnings, blinds and shutters: wood121
24310400Awnings, blinds and shutters: wood41
24310401Awnings, wood4
24310402Blinds (shutters), wood73
24310403Venetian blind slats, wood3
243105Staircases, stairs and railings325
24310500Staircases, stairs and railings155
24310501Newel posts, wood2
24310502Railings, stair: wood30
24310503Staircases and stairs, wood138
243106Interior and ornamental woodwork and trim771
24310600Interior and ornamental woodwork and trim189
24310601Ornamental woodwork: cornices, mantels, etc.64
24310602Panel work, wood35
24310603Trim, wood29
24310605Woodwork, interior and ornamental, nec454
243107Exterior and ornamental woodwork and trim54
24310700Exterior and ornamental woodwork and trim39
24310701Porch columns, wood5
24310702Porch work, wood5
24310703Trellises, wood5
243199Millwork, nec63
24319901Brackets, wood9
24319902Planing mill, millwork53
24319903Silo staves, wood1