26 - Paper and Allied Products
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
26Paper and Allied Products9,515
2611Pulp Mills401
261100Pulp mills91
26110000Pulp mills91
261101Pulp mills, chemical and semichemical processing22
26110100Pulp mills, chemical and semichemical processing14
26110101Kraft (sulfate) pulp3
26110103Soda pulp5
261102Pulp mills, dissolving pulp processing1
26110200Pulp mills, dissolving pulp processing1
261103Pulp mills, mechanical and recycling processing273
26110300Pulp mills, mechanical and recycling processing100
26110301Mechanical pulp, including groundwood and thermomechanical4
26110302Pulp manufactured from waste or recycled paper169
261199Pulp mills, nec14
26119901Pulp made from rags, bagassse, hemp, or other fiber base3
26119902Pulp produced from non-wood fiber base, nec6
26119903Pulp produced from wood base, nec5
2621Paper Mills1,699
262100Paper mills556
26210000Paper mills556
262101Towels, tissues and napkins; paper and stock112
26210100Towels, tissues and napkins; paper and stock40
26210101Cleansing paper2
26210102Creping tissue0
26210103Facial tissue stock2
26210104Napkin stock, paper7
26210105Pattern tissue3
26210106Sanitary tissue paper11
26210107Tissue paper36
26210108Toilet tissue stock6
26210109Toweling tissue (paper)5
262102Parchment, securites, and bank note papers19
26210200Parchment, securites, and bank note papers7
26210201Bank note paper4
26210202Parchment paper4
26210203Securites paper4
262103Specialty or chemically treated papers83
26210300Specialty or chemically treated papers16
26210301Absorbent paper17
26210303Capacitor paper0
26210304Cigarette paper3
26210306Filter paper13
26210307Milk filter disks2
26210308Specialty papers32
26210309Waterproof paper0
262104Book, bond and printing papers147
26210400Book, bond and printing papers23
26210401Bond paper7
26210402Book paper8
26210403Lithograph paper2
26210405Offset paper2
26210406Printing paper105
26210408Text paper0
262105Poster and art papers146
26210500Poster and art papers9
26210501Art paper25
26210503Construction paper0
26210504Poster paper1
262106Stationary, envelope and tablet papers231
26210600Stationary, envelope and tablet papers138
26210601Business form paper26
26210602Card paper2
26210603Copy paper17
26210604Envelope paper10
26210605Greeting card paper11
26210607Tablet paper2
26210608Writing paper20
262107Catalog, magazine, and newsprint papers94
26210700Catalog, magazine, and newsprint papers47
26210701Catalog paper5
26210702Cover paper2
26210703Magazine paper14
26210704Newsprint paper26
262108Wrapping and packaging papers167
26210800Wrapping and packaging papers92
26210801Bag paper16
26210802Glassine wrapping paper0
26210803Greaseproof wrapping paper1
26210804Kraft wrapping paper0
26210806Packaging paper48
26210807Shipping sack paper0
26210808Wrapping paper10
262109Building and roofing paper, felts and insulation siding27
26210900Building and roofing paper, felts and insulation siding11
26210902Asbestos paper0
26210903Asphalt paper, laminated0
26210904Building paper and felts, nec1
26210905Building paper, insulation4
26210908Felts, building2
26210909Insulation siding, paper3
26210912Saturated felts2
26210913Tar paper, building/roofing3
262110Pressed and molded pulp and fiber products21
26211000Pressed and molded pulp and fiber products4
26211002Lath, fiber0
26211003Molded pulp products10
26211004Pressed pulp products6
26211005Tube stock1
262199Paper mills, nec96
26219901Fine paper16
26219902Kraft paper9
26219903Rope or jute paper2
26219904Uncoated paper1
26219905Wallpaper (hanging paper)68
2631Paperboard Mills745
263100Paperboard mills249
26310000Paperboard mills249
26310102Kraft linerboard9
263102Innersole and shoe board5
26310200Innersole and shoe board3
263103Container, packaging, and boxboard322
26310300Container, packaging, and boxboard175
26310302Container board38
26310303Corrugating medium15
26310304Folding boxboard48
26310305Packaging board33
26310306Setup boxboard4
263104Coated and treated board40
26310400Coated and treated board3
26310401Automobile board6
26310402Clay coated board1
26310403Coated paperboard7
26310404Food board, special4
26310405Latex board1
26310408Matrix board3
26310409Milk carton board0
26310412Specialty board6
26310413Transformer board1
263105Cardboard, tagboard, and strawboard76
26310500Cardboard, tagboard, and strawboard2
26310502Stencil board9
263199Paperboard mills, nec17
26319901Binders' board6
26319902Chip board11
2652Setup Paperboard Boxes122
265200Setup paperboard boxes97
26520000Setup paperboard boxes97
265299Setup paperboard boxes, nec25
26529901Boxes, newsboard, metal edged: made from purchased materials11
26529902Filing boxes, paperboard: made from purchased materials14
2653Corrugated and Solid Fiber Boxes1,522
265300Corrugated and solid fiber boxes610
26530000Corrugated and solid fiber boxes610
265301Corrugated boxes, partitions, display items, sheets, and pad823
26530100Corrugated boxes, partitions, display items, sheets, and pad110
26530101Boxes, corrugated: made from purchased materials594
26530102Display items, corrugated: made from purchased materials55
26530103Hampers, corrugated: made from purchased materials0
26530104Pads, corrugated: made from purchased materials3
26530105Pallets, corrugated: made from purchased materials13
26530106Partitions, corrugated: made from purchased materials9
26530107Sheets, corrugated: made from purchased materials39
265302Solid fiber boxes, partitions, display items, and sheets89
26530200Solid fiber boxes, partitions, display items, and sheets9
26530201Boxes, solid fiber: made from purchased materials17
26530202Display items, solid fiber: made from purchased materials18
26530203Hampers, solid fiber: made from purchased materials6
26530204Pads, solid fiber: made from purchased materials3
26530205Pallets, solid fiber: made from purchased materials6
26530206Partitions, solid fiber: made from purchased materials23
26530207Sheets, solid fiber: made from purchased materials7
2655Fiber Cans, Drums, and Similar Products354
265500Fiber cans, drums, and similar products78
26550000Fiber cans, drums, and similar products78
265501Fiber spools, tubes, and cones81
26550100Fiber spools, tubes, and cones7
26550101Cones, fiber: made from purchased material3
26550102Spools, fiber: made from purchased material4
26550103Tubes, fiber or paper: made from purchased material60
26550104Tubes, for chemical or electrical uses: paper or fiber7
265502Fiber cans, drums, and containers120
26550200Fiber cans, drums, and containers23
26550201Bottles, paper fiber: made from purchased material2
26550202Boxes, vulcanized fiber: made from purchased material0
26550203Cans, composite: foil-fiber and other: from purchased fiber45
26550204Cans, fiber: made from purchased material11
26550205Containers, laminated phenolic and vulcanized fiber11
26550206Containers, liquid tight fiber: from purchased material16
26550207Drums, fiber: made from purchased material12
265503Fiber shipping and mailing containers44
26550300Fiber shipping and mailing containers38
26550301Cases, mailing: made from purchased material2
26550302Hampers, shipping (vulcanized fiber): purchased material1
26550303Tubes, mailing: made from purchased paper fiber3
265504Fiber cores, reels, and bobbins15
26550400Fiber cores, reels, and bobbins3
26550401Bobbins, fiber: made from purchased material1
26550402Bobbins, textile spinning: made from purchased fiber3
26550403Cores, fiber: made from purchased material5
26550404Reels (fiber), textile: made from purchased material3
265599Fiber cans, drums, and similar products, nec16
26559901Ammunition cans or tubes, board laminated with metal foil7
26559902Pans and voids, fiber or cardboard: from purchased material2
26559903Ribbon blocks, fiber: made from purchased material0
26559904Wastebaskets, fiber: made from purchased material7
2656Sanitary Food Containers168
265600Sanitary food containers54
26560000Sanitary food containers54
265601Paper cups, plates, dishes, and utensils84
26560100Paper cups, plates, dishes, and utensils44
26560101Cups, paper: made from purchased material14
26560102Dishes, paper: made from purchased material2
26560103Plates, paper: made from purchased material13
26560104Straws, drinking: made from purchased material10
26560105Utensils, paper: made from purchased material1
265602Frozen food and ice cream containers22
26560200Frozen food and ice cream containers14
26560201Frozen food containers: made from purchased material7
26560202Ice cream containers: made from purchased material1
265603Food containers (liquid tight), including milk cartons8
26560300Food containers (liquid tight), including milk cartons6
26560301Cartons, milk: made from purchased material2
2657Folding Paperboard Boxes209
265700Folding paperboard boxes183
26570000Folding paperboard boxes183
265799Folding paperboard boxes, nec26
26579901Food containers, folding: made from purchased material16
26579902Paperboard backs for blister or skin packages10
2671Paper; Coated and Laminated Packaging568
267100Paper; coated and laminated packaging279
26710000Paper; coated and laminated packaging279
267199Paper; coated and laminated packaging, nec289
26719901Bread wrappers, waxed or laminated: purchased material1
26719902Paper, coated or laminated for packaging111
26719903Plastic film, coated or laminated for packaging149
26719904Resinous impregnated paper for packaging6
26719905Thermoplastic coated paper for packaging12
26719906Waxed paper: made from purchased material3
26719907Wrapping paper, waterproof or coated7
2672Paper; Coated and Laminated, Nec623
267200Paper; coated and laminated, nec150
26720000Paper; coated and laminated, nec150
267201Chemically treated papers, made from purchased materials27
26720100Chemically treated papers, made from purchased materials10
26720101Condenser paper: made from purchased paper0
26720102Enameled paper: made from purchased paper2
26720103Fly paper: made from purchased materials3
26720104Litmus paper: made from purchased materials1
26720105Metallic covered paper: made from purchased materials3
26720106Oiled paper: made from purchased materials0
26720107Soap impregnated papers and paper washcloths0
26720109Thermoplastic coated paper: made from purchased materials2
26720110Transfer paper, gold or silver: from purchased materials6
267202Adhesive papers, labels, or tapes: from purchased material406
26720200Adhesive papers, labels, or tapes: from purchased material128
26720201Adhesive backed films, foams and foils37
26720202Cellophane adhesive tape: made from purchased materials8
26720203Gummed paper: made from purchased materials2
26720204Gummed tape, cloth or paper base: from purchased materials6
26720205Labels (unprinted), gummed: made from purchased materials111
26720206Masking tape: made from purchased materials10
26720207Tape, pressure sensitive: made from purchased materials104
267299Paper; coated and laminated, nec, nec40
26729901Book paper, coated: made from purchased materials5
26729902Cloth lined paper: made from purchased paper1
26729903Coated paper, except photographic, carbon, or abrasive31
26729904Eyelets, cloth or paper: made from purchased materials0
26729905Glazed paper, except photographic, carbon, or abrasive3
2673Bags: Plastic, Laminated, and Coated683
267300Bags: plastic, laminated, and coated266
26730000Bags: plastic, laminated, and coated266
267301Garment and wardrobe bags, (plastic film)60
26730100Garment and wardrobe bags, (plastic film)7
26730101Garment bags (plastic film): made from purchased materials17
26730102Wardrobe bags (closet accessories): from purchased materials36
267302Food storage and trash bags (plastic)73
26730200Food storage and trash bags (plastic)25
26730201Food storage and frozen food bags, plastic33
26730202Trash bags (plastic film): made from purchased materials15
267303Plastic and pliofilm bags269
26730300Plastic and pliofilm bags64
26730301Plastic bags: made from purchased materials202
26730302Pliofilm bags: made from purchased materials3
267399Bags: plastic, laminated, and coated, nec15
26739901Cellophane bags, unprinted: made from purchased materials15
2674Bags: Uncoated Paper and Multiwall179
267400Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall53
26740000Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall53
267401Shipping and shopping bags or sacks75
26740100Shipping and shopping bags or sacks29
26740101Grocers' bags: made from purchased materials8
26740102Shipping bags or sacks, including multiwall and heavy duty24
26740103Shopping bags: made from purchased materials14
267499Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall, nec51
26749901Cement bags: made from purchased materials7
26749902Flour bags: made from purchased materials1
26749904Mothproof bags: made from purchased materials1
26749905Paper bags: made from purchased materials35
26749906Vacuum cleaner bags: made from purchased materials7
2675Die-cut Paper and Board280
267500Die-cut paper and board106
26750000Die-cut paper and board106
267501Cardboard cut-outs, panels, and foundations: die-cut22
26750100Cardboard cut-outs, panels, and foundations: die-cut7
26750101Cutouts, cardboard, die-cut: from purchased materials8
26750102Foundations, cardboard, die-cut: from purchased materials0
26750103Panels, cardboard, die-cut: made from purchased materials5
26750104Waterproof cardboard: made from purchased materials2
267502Cards, folders, and mats: die-cut67
26750200Cards, folders, and mats: die-cut5
26750201Cards: die-cut and unprinted: made from purchased materials10
26750202Folders, filing, die-cut: made from purchased materials23
26750203Index cards, die-cut: made from purchased materials18
26750205Library cards, die-cut: from purchased materials2
26750206Manila folders1
26750207Photographic mats, mounts, and folders7
26750208Tabulating and time cards, die-cut: purchased paperboard1
267503Stencils and lettering materials: die-cut16
26750300Stencils and lettering materials: die-cut13
26750302Letters, cardboard, die-cut: from purchased materials1
26750303Stencil board, die-cut: made from purchased materials0
26750304Stencil cards, die-cut: made from purchased materials2
267504Food container products and parts, from die-cut paper8
26750400Food container products and parts, from die-cut paper2
26750401Bottle caps and tops, die-cut: from purchased materials2
26750402Egg cartons, die-cut: made from purchased materials2
26750403Egg case fillers and flats, die-cut: purchased materials1
26750404Milk filter disks, die-cut: made from purchased materials1
267599Die-cut paper and board, nec61
26759901Chip board, pasted, die-cut: from purchased materials3
26759902Cutouts, paper or paperboard: made from purchased materials5
26759903Liners for freight car doors: reinforced with metal strip3
26759905Paper die-cutting42
26759906Paperboard die-cutting8
2676Sanitary Paper Products362
267600Sanitary paper products134
26760000Sanitary paper products134
267601Towels, napkins, and tissue paper products82
26760100Towels, napkins, and tissue paper products54
26760101Cleansing tissues: made from purchased paper8
26760102Facial tissues: made from purchased paper2
26760103Napkins, paper: made from purchased paper5
26760104Toilet paper: made from purchased paper7
26760105Towels, paper: made from purchased paper6
267602Feminine hygiene paper products52
26760200Feminine hygiene paper products38
26760201Napkins, sanitary: made from purchased paper7
26760202Panty liners: made from purchased paper0
26760203Tampons, sanitary: made from purchased paper7
267603Infant and baby paper products94
26760300Infant and baby paper products58
26760301Diapers, paper (disposable): made from purchased paper36
2678Stationery Products227
267800Stationery products138
26780000Stationery products138
267801Memorandum books, notebooks, and looseleaf filler paper44
26780100Memorandum books, notebooks, and looseleaf filler paper18
26780101Looseleaf fillers or ream paper in filler sizes3
26780102Memorandum books, except printed: purchased materials7
26780103Notebooks: made from purchased paper16
267802Tablets and pads22
26780200Tablets and pads6
26780201Desk pads, paper: made from purchased materials5
26780202Newsprint tablets and pads: made from purchased materials3
26780203Tablets and pads, book and writing: from purchased materials7
26780204Tablets, correspondence type: made from purchased materials1
267803Papeteries and writing paper sets23
26780300Papeteries and writing paper sets6
26780301Papeteries: made from purchased materials1
26780302Stationery: made from purchased materials12
26780303Writing paper and envelopes: made from purchased materials4
2679Converted Paper Products, Nec1,210
267900Converted paper products, nec50
26790000Converted paper products, nec50
267901Pressed fiber and molded pulp products, except food products59
26790100Pressed fiber and molded pulp products, except food products24
26790101Conduits, fiber (pressed pulp): from purchased material4
26790102Pallet spacers, fiber: made from purchased material3
26790103Papier mache articles, except statuary and art goods4
26790104Pipes and fittings, fiber: made from purchased material24
267902Food dishes and utensils, from pressed and molded pulp20
26790200Food dishes and utensils, from pressed and molded pulp5
26790201Cups, pressed and molded pulp: made from purchased material2
26790202Dishes, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material1
26790203Egg cartons, molded pulp: made from purchased material9
26790205Plates, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material2
26790206Utensils, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material1
26790301Wallpaper, embossed plastic: made on textile backing5
26790302Wallpaper: made from purchased paper4
267904Tags and labels, paper333
26790400Tags and labels, paper132
26790401Labels, paper: made from purchased material180
26790402Tags, paper (unprinted): made from purchased paper21
267905Gift wrap and novelties, paper78
26790500Gift wrap and novelties, paper32
26790501Confetti: made from purchased material8
26790502Crepe paper or crepe paper products: purchased material4
26790503Doilies, paper: made from purchased material0
26790504Gift wrap, paper: made from purchased material12
26790505Hats, paper novelties: made from purchased paper3
26790506Novelties, paper: made from purchased material19
267906Telegraph, teletype, and adding machine paper23
26790600Telegraph, teletype, and adding machine paper3
26790601Adding machine rolls, paper: made from purchased material20
26790602Telegraph tape, paper: made from purchased material0
26790603Teletypewriter paper, rolls with carbon0
267907Building, insulating, and packaging paper71
26790700Building, insulating, and packaging paper17
26790701Building paper, laminated: made from purchased material8
26790702Corrugated paper: made from purchased material25
26790704Insulating paper: batts, fills, and blankets8
26790705Wall tile, enameled masonite: made from purchased material2
26790706Wrappers, paper (unprinted): made from purchased material11
267908Building, insulating, and packaging paperboard51
26790800Building, insulating, and packaging paperboard12
26790801Foil board: made from purchased material1
26790802Honeycomb core and board: made from purchased material10
26790803Wallboard, decorated: made from purchased material28
267909Cardboard products, except die-cut17
26790900Cardboard products, except die-cut10
26790901Cardboard: pasted, laminated, lined, or surface coated5
26790902Fuel cell forms, cardboard: made from purchased material2
267999Converted paper products, nec, nec430
26799901Book covers, paper13
26799902Filter paper: made from purchased material6
26799903Paper products, converted, nec318
26799904Paperboard products, converted, nec82
26799905Pin tickets, paper: made from purchased paper4
26799906Pressed and molded pulp products, nec: purchased material5
26799907Pressed fiber products from wood pulp: from purchased goods2