SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2631—Paperboard Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paperboard, including paperboard coated on the paperboard machine, from wood pulp and other fiber pulp; and which may also manufacture converted paperboard products. Establishments primarily engaged in integrated operations of producing pulp and manufacturing paperboard are included in this industry if primarily shipping paperboard or paperboard products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing converted paperboard products from purchased paperboard are classified in Industry Group 265 or Industry Group 267. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing insulation board and other reconstituted wood fiberboard are classified in Industry 2493.

Binders' board—mitseMilk carton board—mitse
Bottle cap board—mitseNewsboard—mitse
Boxboard—mitsePaperboard mills, except building board mills
Bristols, bogus—mitsePaperboard, except building board—mitse
Cardboard—mitsePatent coated paperboard—mitse
Clay coated board—mitsePressboard—mitse
Clipboard (paperboard)—mitseSetup boxboard—mitse
Container board—mitseShoe board—mitse
Folding boxboards—mitseSpecial food board—mitse
Leatherboard—mitseStencil board—mitse
Liner board, kraft and jute—mitseStrawboard, except building board—mitse
Manila lined board—mitseTagboard—mitse
Matrix board—mitseWet machine board—mitse
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2631Paperboard Mills743
263100Paperboard mills285
26310000Paperboard mills285
26310102Kraft linerboard9
263102Innersole and shoe board5
26310200Innersole and shoe board3
263103Container, packaging, and boxboard274
26310300Container, packaging, and boxboard156
26310302Container board31
26310303Corrugating medium11
26310304Folding boxboard42
26310305Packaging board24
26310306Setup boxboard3
263104Coated and treated board35
26310400Coated and treated board3
26310401Automobile board6
26310402Clay coated board0
26310403Coated paperboard4
26310404Food board, special9
26310405Latex board1
26310408Matrix board3
26310409Milk carton board1
26310412Specialty board3
26310413Transformer board1
263105Cardboard, tagboard, and strawboard92
26310500Cardboard, tagboard, and strawboard1
26310502Stencil board8
263199Paperboard mills, nec18
26319901Binders' board4
26319902Chip board13