SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2678—Stationery, Tablets, and Related Products
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing stationery, tables, looseleaf fillers, and related items from purchased paper. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing envelopes are classified in Industry 2677.

Correspondence-type tablets—mfpmNotebooks, including mechanically bound by wire, plastics, etc.—mfpm
Desk pads, paper—mfpmPapeteries—mfpm
Fillers for looseleaf devices, except printed forms—mfpmStationery—mfpm
Looseleaf fillers and ream paper in filler sizes, except printed—mfpmTablets and pads, book and writing—mfpm
Memorandum books, except printed—mfpmWriting paper and envelopes, boxed sets—mfpm
Newsprint tablets and pads—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2678Stationery Products228
267800Stationery products135
26780000Stationery products135
267801Memorandum books, notebooks, and looseleaf filler paper43
26780100Memorandum books, notebooks, and looseleaf filler paper18
26780101Looseleaf fillers or ream paper in filler sizes1
26780102Memorandum books, except printed: purchased materials7
26780103Notebooks: made from purchased paper17
267802Tablets and pads24
26780200Tablets and pads8
26780201Desk pads, paper: made from purchased materials5
26780202Newsprint tablets and pads: made from purchased materials3
26780203Tablets and pads, book and writing: from purchased materials8
26780204Tablets, correspondence type: made from purchased materials0
267803Papeteries and writing paper sets26
26780300Papeteries and writing paper sets5
26780301Papeteries: made from purchased materials0
26780302Stationery: made from purchased materials17
26780303Writing paper and envelopes: made from purchased materials4