SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2674—Uncoated Paper and Multiwall Bags
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing uncoated paper bags, or manufacturing multiwall bags and sacks, whether or not coated or containing plastics film or metal foil. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bags from plastics, unsupported film, foil, coated paper, or laminated or coated combinations of these materials, are classified in Industry 2673; and those manufacturing textile bags are classified in Industry 2393.

Bags, paper: uncoated—mfpmSacks, multiwall or heavy-duty shipping sack—mfpm
Glassine bags, uncoated paper—mfpmShipping sacks, paper—mfpm
Grocers' bags and sacks, uncoated paper—mfpmShopping bags, uncoated paper—mfpm
Merchandise bags, uncoated paper—mfpmVariety bags, uncoated paper—mfpm
Multiwall bags, paper—mfpm
Codes TitlesTotal Marketable US Businesses
2674Bags: Uncoated Paper and Multiwall173
267400Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall48
26740000Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall48
267401Shipping and shopping bags or sacks81
26740100Shipping and shopping bags or sacks33
26740101Grocers' bags: made from purchased materials7
26740102Shipping bags or sacks, including multiwall and heavy duty24
26740103Shopping bags: made from purchased materials17
267499Bags: uncoated paper and multiwall, nec44
26749901Cement bags: made from purchased materials7
26749902Flour bags: made from purchased materials2
26749904Mothproof bags: made from purchased materials1
26749905Paper bags: made from purchased materials27
26749906Vacuum cleaner bags: made from purchased materials7