SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2621—Paper Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing paper from woodpulp and other fiber pulp, and which may also manufacture converted paper products. Establishments primarily engaged in integrated operations of producing pulp and manufacturing paper are included in this industry if primarily shipping paper or paper products. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing converted paper products from purchased paper stock are classified in Industry Group 265 or Industry Group 267.

Absorbent paper—mitseManila wrapping paper—mitse
Asbestos paper and asbestos filled paper—mitseMatrix paper—mitse
Asphalt paper: laminated—mitseMilk filter disks—mitse
Asphalt sheathing—mitseNapkin stock, paper—mitse
Bag paper—mitseNews tablet paper—mitse
Blotting paper—mitseNewsprint—mitse
Bond paper—mitseOffset paper—mitse
Book paper—mitsePaper mills—mitse
Bristols, except bogus—mitsePaper, building—mitse
Building paper: sheathing, insulation, saturating, and dry felts—mitsePaper—mitse
Capacitor paper—mitseParchment paper—mitse
Catalog paper—mitsePoster paper—mitse
Cigarette paper—mitsePrinting paper—mitse
Cleansing tissue stock—mitsePublication paper—mitse
Condenser paper—mitseRoofing felt stock—mitse
Construction paper—mitseRope and jute wrapping paper—mitse
Cotton fiber paper—mitseRotogravure paper—mitse
Cover paper—mitseSaturated felt—mitse
Dry felts, except textile—mitseShipping sack paper—mitse
Facial tissue stock—mitseTagboard, made in paper mills—mitse
Felts, building—mitseTar paper, building and roofing—mitse
Filter paper—mitseText paper—mitse
Greaseproof wrapping paper—mitseThin paper—mitse
Groundwood paper—mitseTissue paper—mitse
Hanging paper (wallpaper stock)—mitseToilet tissue stock—mitse
Kraft sheathing paper—mitseToweling paper—mitse
Kraft wrapping paper—mitseWallpaper stock (hanging paper)—mitse
Lining paper—mitseWrapping paper—mitse
Lithograph paper—mitseWriting paper—mitse
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2621Paper Mills1,793
262100Paper mills714
26210000Paper mills714
262101Towels, tissues and napkins; paper and stock179
26210100Towels, tissues and napkins; paper and stock46
26210101Cleansing paper2
26210102Creping tissue0
26210103Facial tissue stock2
26210104Napkin stock, paper7
26210105Pattern tissue2
26210106Sanitary tissue paper70
26210107Tissue paper41
26210108Toilet tissue stock5
26210109Toweling tissue (paper)4
262102Parchment, securites, and bank note papers19
26210200Parchment, securites, and bank note papers6
26210201Bank note paper5
26210202Parchment paper3
26210203Securites paper5
262103Specialty or chemically treated papers76
26210300Specialty or chemically treated papers18
26210301Absorbent paper15
26210303Capacitor paper0
26210304Cigarette paper4
26210306Filter paper11
26210307Milk filter disks2
26210308Specialty papers26
26210309Waterproof paper0
262104Book, bond and printing papers151
26210400Book, bond and printing papers31
26210401Bond paper6
26210402Book paper10
26210403Lithograph paper2
26210405Offset paper2
26210406Printing paper100
26210408Text paper0
262105Poster and art papers102
26210500Poster and art papers7
26210501Art paper29
26210503Construction paper0
26210504Poster paper0
262106Stationary, envelope and tablet papers184
26210600Stationary, envelope and tablet papers107
26210601Business form paper22
26210602Card paper1
26210603Copy paper8
26210604Envelope paper6
26210605Greeting card paper14
26210607Tablet paper1
26210608Writing paper20
262107Catalog, magazine, and newsprint papers90
26210700Catalog, magazine, and newsprint papers42
26210701Catalog paper5
26210702Cover paper1
26210703Magazine paper12
26210704Newsprint paper30
262108Wrapping and packaging papers148
26210800Wrapping and packaging papers70
26210801Bag paper15
26210802Glassine wrapping paper0
26210803Greaseproof wrapping paper1
26210804Kraft wrapping paper0
26210806Packaging paper52
26210807Shipping sack paper0
26210808Wrapping paper10
262109Building and roofing paper, felts and insulation siding29
26210900Building and roofing paper, felts and insulation siding12
26210902Asbestos paper0
26210903Asphalt paper, laminated0
26210904Building paper and felts, nec1
26210905Building paper, insulation5
26210908Felts, building2
26210909Insulation siding, paper3
26210912Saturated felts2
26210913Tar paper, building/roofing3
262110Pressed and molded pulp and fiber products21
26211000Pressed and molded pulp and fiber products3
26211002Lath, fiber0
26211003Molded pulp products9
26211004Pressed pulp products5
26211005Tube stock3
262199Paper mills, nec80
26219901Fine paper17
26219902Kraft paper6
26219903Rope or jute paper1
26219904Uncoated paper3
26219905Wallpaper (hanging paper)53