SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2611—Pulp Mills
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing pulp from wood or from other materials, such as rags, linters, wastepaper, and straw. Establishments engaged in integrated logging and pulp mill operations are classified according to the primary products shipped. Establishments engaged in integrated operations of producing pulp and manufacturing paper, paperboard, or products thereof are classified in Industry 2621 if primarily shipping paper or paper products; in Industry 2631 if primarily shipping paperboard or paperboard products; and in Industry 2611 if primarily shipping pulp. Establishments primarily engaged in cutting pulpwood are classified in Industry 2411.

Deinking of newsprintPulp: soda, sulfate, sulfite, groundwood, rayon, and semichemical
Fiber pulp: made from wood, rags, wastepaper, linters, straw, and bagasseRayon pulp
Pulp millsWood pulp
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2611Pulp Mills349
261100Pulp mills84
26110000Pulp mills84
261101Pulp mills, chemical and semichemical processing20
26110100Pulp mills, chemical and semichemical processing11
26110101Kraft (sulfate) pulp3
26110103Soda pulp6
261102Pulp mills, dissolving pulp processing1
26110200Pulp mills, dissolving pulp processing1
261103Pulp mills, mechanical and recycling processing230
26110300Pulp mills, mechanical and recycling processing80
26110301Mechanical pulp, including groundwood and thermomechanical6
26110302Pulp manufactured from waste or recycled paper144
261199Pulp mills, nec14
26119901Pulp made from rags, bagassse, hemp, or other fiber base4
26119902Pulp produced from non-wood fiber base, nec6
26119903Pulp produced from wood base, nec4