Industry: 2673—Plastics, Foil, and Coated Paper Bags
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing bags of unsupported plastics film, coated paper, metal foil, or laminated combinations of these materials, whether or not printed. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing uncoated paper bags and multiwall bags and sacks are classified in Industry 2674; those manufacturing textile bags are classified in Industry 2393; and those manufacturing garment storage bags, except of plastics film and paper, are classified in Industry 2392.

Frozen food bags—mfpmTrash bags, plastics film, foil, and coated paper—mfpm
Garment storage bags, coated paper or plastics film—mfpmWardrobe bags (closet accessories), plastics film or coated
Merchandise bags, plastics—mfpmWaste bags, plastics film and laminated—mfpm
Pliofilm bags—mfpm
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2673Bags: Plastic, Laminated, and Coated709
267300Bags: plastic, laminated, and coated0
26730000Bags: plastic, laminated, and coated241
267301Garment and wardrobe bags, (plastic film)0
26730100Garment and wardrobe bags, (plastic film)6
26730101Garment bags (plastic film): made from purchased materials17
26730102Wardrobe bags (closet accessories): from purchased materials35
267302Food storage and trash bags (plastic)0
26730200Food storage and trash bags (plastic)26
26730201Food storage and frozen food bags, plastic32
26730202Trash bags (plastic film): made from purchased materials17
267303Plastic and pliofilm bags0
26730300Plastic and pliofilm bags46
26730301Plastic bags: made from purchased materials269
26730302Pliofilm bags: made from purchased materials4
267399Bags: plastic, laminated, and coated, nec0
26739901Cellophane bags, unprinted: made from purchased materials16