Industry: 2671—Packaging Paper and Plastics Film, Coated and Laminated
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coated or laminated flexible materials made of combinations of paper, plastics film, metal foil, and similar materials (excluding textiles) for packaging purposes. These are made from purchased sheet materials or plastics resins and may be printed in the same establishment. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing coated or laminated paper for other purposes are classified in Industry 2672, including establishments manufacturing all gummed or pressure sensitive tape; those manufacturing unsupported plastics film are classified in Industry 3081; those manufacturing aluminum foil are classified in Industry 3497; and those manufacturing paper from pulp are classified in Industry 2621.

Bread wrappers, waxed or laminated—mfpmResinous impregnated paper for packaging—mfpm
Coated paper for packaging—mfpmThermoplastics coated paper for packaging—mfpm
Metallic covered paper for packaging—mfpmWaxed paper for packaging—mfpm
Paper, coated or laminated: for packaging—mfpmWrapping paper, coated or laminated—mfpm
Plastics film, coated or laminated: for packaging—mfpm
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
2671Paper; Coated and Laminated Packaging609
267100Paper; coated and laminated packaging0
26710000Paper; coated and laminated packaging286
267199Paper; coated and laminated packaging, nec0
26719901Bread wrappers, waxed or laminated: purchased material2
26719902Paper, coated or laminated for packaging118
26719903Plastic film, coated or laminated for packaging176
26719904Resinous impregnated paper for packaging7
26719905Thermoplastic coated paper for packaging9
26719906Waxed paper: made from purchased material4
26719907Wrapping paper, waterproof or coated7