SIC Industry Description

Industry: 2679—Converted Paper and Paperboard Products, Not Elsewhere Classified
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing miscellaneous converted paper or paperboard products, not elsewhere classified, from purchased paper or paperboard. Also included in this industry are pressed and molded pulp goods, such as papier-mache articles, other than statuary and art goods.

Building paper, laminated—mfpmMasks, papier-mache—mfpm
Cigarette paper, book—mfpmNovelties, paper—mfpm
Conduits, fiber (pressed pulp)—mfpmPallet spacers, fiber—mfpm
Confetti—mfpmPaper, building: laminated—mfpm
Crepe paper—mfpmPaper, corrugated—mfpm
Cups, pressed and molded pulp—mfpmPaper, crepe and crepe paper products—mfpm
Dishes, pressed and molded pulp—mfpmPapier-mache articles, except statuary and art goods—mfpm
Doilies, paper—mfpmPin tickets, paper—mfpm
Egg cartons, molded pulp—mfpmPipe and fittings, molded pulp—mfpm
Egg case filler flats, molded pulp—mfpmPlates, pressed and molded pulp—mfpm
Excelsior, paper—mfpmPressed products from wood pulp—mfpm
False faces, papier-mache—mfpmPulp products, pressed and molded: except statuary—mfpm
Filter paper, converted—mfpmRolls, paper: adding machine, telegraph tape, etc.—mfpm
Foil board—mfpmSpoons, pressed and molded pulp—mfpm
Fuel cell forms, cardboard—mfpmTags, paper: unprinted—mfpm
Gift wrap paper—mfpmTelegraph tape, paper—mfpm
Halloween lanterns, papier-mache—mfpmTeletypewriter paper, rolls with carbon—mfpm
Hats, paper—mfpmUtensils, pressed and molded pulp—mfpm
Honeycomb core and board—mfpmWallcoverings: paper—mfpm
Insulating batts, fills, and blankets: paper—mfpmWallpaper, embossed plastics: made on textile backing—mfpm
Insulation, cellulose—mfpmWallpaper—mfpm
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
2679Converted Paper Products, Nec1,021
267900Converted paper products, nec50
26790000Converted paper products, nec50
267901Pressed fiber and molded pulp products, except food products44
26790100Pressed fiber and molded pulp products, except food products18
26790101Conduits, fiber (pressed pulp): from purchased material3
26790102Pallet spacers, fiber: made from purchased material0
26790103Papier mache articles, except statuary and art goods4
26790104Pipes and fittings, fiber: made from purchased material19
267902Food dishes and utensils, from pressed and molded pulp20
26790200Food dishes and utensils, from pressed and molded pulp8
26790201Cups, pressed and molded pulp: made from purchased material3
26790202Dishes, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material0
26790203Egg cartons, molded pulp: made from purchased material6
26790205Plates, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material3
26790206Utensils, pressed and molded pulp: from purchased material0
26790301Wallpaper, embossed plastic: made on textile backing5
26790302Wallpaper: made from purchased paper6
267904Tags and labels, paper275
26790400Tags and labels, paper94
26790401Labels, paper: made from purchased material163
26790402Tags, paper (unprinted): made from purchased paper18
267905Gift wrap and novelties, paper73
26790500Gift wrap and novelties, paper33
26790501Confetti: made from purchased material8
26790502Crepe paper or crepe paper products: purchased material5
26790503Doilies, paper: made from purchased material0
26790504Gift wrap, paper: made from purchased material11
26790505Hats, paper novelties: made from purchased paper1
26790506Novelties, paper: made from purchased material15
267906Telegraph, teletype, and adding machine paper13
26790600Telegraph, teletype, and adding machine paper2
26790601Adding machine rolls, paper: made from purchased material11
26790602Telegraph tape, paper: made from purchased material0
26790603Teletypewriter paper, rolls with carbon0
267907Building, insulating, and packaging paper67
26790700Building, insulating, and packaging paper11
26790701Building paper, laminated: made from purchased material9
26790702Corrugated paper: made from purchased material23
26790704Insulating paper: batts, fills, and blankets8
26790705Wall tile, enameled masonite: made from purchased material4
26790706Wrappers, paper (unprinted): made from purchased material12
267908Building, insulating, and packaging paperboard41
26790800Building, insulating, and packaging paperboard10
26790801Foil board: made from purchased material1
26790802Honeycomb core and board: made from purchased material8
26790803Wallboard, decorated: made from purchased material22
267909Cardboard products, except die-cut9
26790900Cardboard products, except die-cut6
26790901Cardboard: pasted, laminated, lined, or surface coated1
26790902Fuel cell forms, cardboard: made from purchased material2
267999Converted paper products, nec, nec352
26799901Book covers, paper15
26799902Filter paper: made from purchased material8
26799903Paper products, converted, nec259
26799904Paperboard products, converted, nec60
26799905Pin tickets, paper: made from purchased paper3
26799906Pressed and molded pulp products, nec: purchased material5
26799907Pressed fiber products from wood pulp: from purchased goods2