37 - Transportation Equipment
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
37Transportation Equipment21,177
3711Motor Vehicles and Car Bodies1,801
371100Motor vehicles and car bodies473
37110000Motor vehicles and car bodies473
371101Automobile assembly, including specialty automobiles780
37110100Automobile assembly, including specialty automobiles415
37110101Ambulances (motor vehicles), assembly of41
37110102Automobile bodies, passenger car, not including engine, etc.114
37110103Cars, armored, assembly of47
37110104Cars, electric, assembly of39
37110105Chassis, motor vehicle107
37110106Hearses (motor vehicles), assembly of4
37110107Patrol wagons (motor vehicles), assembly of12
37110108Station wagons (motor vehicles), assembly of1
37110109Taxicabs, assembly of0
371102Truck and tractor truck assembly114
37110200Truck and tractor truck assembly68
37110201Motor trucks, except off-highway, assembly of7
37110202Truck tractors for highway use, assembly of17
37110203Trucks, pickup, assembly of22
371103Military motor vehicle assembly67
37110300Military motor vehicle assembly32
37110301Amphibian motor vehicles, assembly of2
37110302Personnel carriers (motor vehicles), assembly of12
37110303Reconnaissance cars, assembly of5
37110304Scout cars (motor vehicles), assembly of7
37110305Universal carriers, military, assembly of9
371104Bus and other large specialty vehicle assembly367
37110400Bus and other large specialty vehicle assembly21
37110401Brooms, powered (motor vehicles), assembly of0
37110402Buses, all types, assembly of41
37110403Fire department vehicles (motor vehicles), assembly of161
37110404Mobile lounges (motor vehicle), assembly of5
37110405Motor buses, except trackless trollies, assembly of9
37110406Motor homes, self contained, assembly of5
37110407Road oilers (motor vehicles), assembly of4
37110408Snow plows (motor vehicles), assembly of26
37110410Street sprinklers and sweepers (motor vehicles), assembly of12
37110411Wreckers (tow truck), assembly of83
3713Truck and Bus Bodies921
371300Truck and bus bodies191
37130000Truck and bus bodies191
371301Truck bodies and parts406
37130100Truck bodies and parts178
37130101Truck beds47
37130102Truck bodies (motor vehicles)153
37130103Truck cabs, for motor vehicles13
37130104Truck tops15
371302Specialty motor vehicle bodies324
37130200Specialty motor vehicle bodies37
37130201Ambulance bodies15
37130202Automobile wrecker truck bodies58
37130203Beverage truck bodies6
37130204Bus bodies (motor vehicles)19
37130205Car carrier bodies21
37130206Cement mixer bodies16
37130207Dump truck bodies67
37130208Farm truck bodies3
37130209Garbage, refuse truck bodies29
37130210Hearse bodies1
37130211Stake, platform truck bodies3
37130212Tank truck bodies17
37130213Utility truck bodies28
37130214Van bodies4
3714Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories4,722
371400Motor vehicle parts and accessories2,124
37140000Motor vehicle parts and accessories2,124
371401Motor vehicle engines and parts969
37140100Motor vehicle engines and parts237
37140101Acceleration equipment, motor vehicle14
37140102Camshafts, motor vehicle26
37140103Choker rods, motor vehicle2
37140104Cleaners, air, motor vehicle12
37140105Connecting rods, motor vehicle engine18
37140106Crankshaft assemblies, motor vehicle9
37140107Cylinder heads, motor vehicle55
37140108Differentials and parts, motor vehicle10
37140109Exhaust systems and parts, motor vehicle125
37140110Filters: oil, fuel, and air, motor vehicle76
37140111Fuel pipes, motor vehicle1
37140112Fuel pumps, motor vehicle16
37140113Fuel systems and parts, motor vehicle81
37140114Gas tanks, motor vehicle10
37140115Governors, motor vehicle2
37140116Lubrication systems and parts, motor vehicle16
37140117Manifolds, motor vehicle13
37140118Mufflers (exhaust), motor vehicle61
37140119Oil pump, motor vehicle11
37140120Oil strainers, motor vehicle4
37140121Propane conversion equipment, motor vehicle31
37140122Radiators and radiator shells and cores, motor vehicle50
37140123Rebuilding engines and transmissions, factory basis62
37140124Tie rods, motor vehicle5
37140125Water pump, motor vehicle22
371402Motor vehicle transmissions, drive assemblies, and parts542
37140200Motor vehicle transmissions, drive assemblies, and parts88
37140201Anti-sway devices, motor vehicle4
37140202Axle housings and shafts, motor vehicle13
37140203Axles, motor vehicle58
37140204Ball joints, motor vehicle3
37140205Bearings, motor vehicle17
37140206Clutches, motor vehicle40
37140207Drive shafts, motor vehicle72
37140208Gears, motor vehicle43
37140209Power transmission equipment, motor vehicle15
37140210Rear axle housings, motor vehicle6
37140211Transmission housings or parts, motor vehicle44
37140212Transmissions, motor vehicle128
37140213Universal joints, motor vehicle11
371403Motor vehicle body components and frame302
37140300Motor vehicle body components and frame133
37140301Bumpers and bumperettes, motor vehicle34
37140302Frames, motor vehicle11
37140303Hoods, motor vehicle2
37140304Shock absorbers, motor vehicle38
37140305Steering mechanisms, motor vehicle36
37140306Sun roofs, motor vehicle7
37140307Tops, motor vehicle12
37140308Wind deflectors, motor vehicle1
37140309Windshield frames, motor vehicle28
371404Motor vehicle electrical equipment208
37140400Motor vehicle electrical equipment73
37140401Automotive wiring harness sets55
37140402Defrosters, motor vehicle0
37140403Directional signals, motor vehicle3
37140404Heaters, motor vehicle10
37140405Horns, motor vehicle6
37140406Instrument board assemblies, motor vehicle8
37140407Thermostats, motor vehicle7
37140408Windshield wiper systems, motor vehicle20
37140409Wipers, windshield, motor vehicle26
371405Motor vehicle brake systems and parts159
37140500Motor vehicle brake systems and parts121
37140501Air brakes, motor vehicle23
37140502Brake drums, motor vehicle13
37140503Vacuum brakes, motor vehicle2
371406Motor vehicle steering systems and parts62
37140600Motor vehicle steering systems and parts19
37140601Hydraulic fluid power pumps, for auto steering mechanism28
37140602Power steering equipment, motor vehicle15
371407Motor vehicle wheels and parts177
37140700Motor vehicle wheels and parts57
37140701Tire valve cores3
37140702Wheel rims, motor vehicle53
37140703Wheels, motor vehicle64
371499Motor vehicle parts and accessories, nec179
37149901Air conditioner parts, motor vehicle43
37149902Booster (jump-start) cables, automotive11
37149903Dump truck lifting mechanism20
37149904Fifth wheel, motor vehicle2
37149905Ice scrapers and window brushes, motor vehicle1
37149906PCV valves5
37149907Sanders, motor vehicle safety17
37149908Third axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles4
37149909Trailer hitches, motor vehicle32
37149910Winter fronts, motor vehicle0
37149911Pickup truck bed liners44
3715Truck Trailers1,060
371500Truck trailers800
37150000Truck trailers800
371599Truck trailers, nec260
37159901Bus trailers, tractor type11
37159902Demountable cargo containers36
37159903Semitrailers for missile transportation7
37159904Semitrailers for truck tractors51
37159905Trailer bodies85
37159906Trailers or vans for transporting horses53
37159907Truck trailer chassis17
3716Motor Homes98
371600Motor homes81
37160000Motor homes81
371699Motor homes, nec17
37169901Recreational van conversion (self-propelled), factory basis17
372101Motorized aircraft329
37210100Motorized aircraft53
37210101Airplanes, fixed or rotary wing171
372102Nonmotorized and lighter-than-air aircraft65
37210200Nonmotorized and lighter-than-air aircraft4
37210202Balloons, hot air (aircraft)23
37210205Gliders (aircraft)4
37210206Hang gliders15
372199Aircraft, nec131
37219902Research and development on aircraft by the manufacturer118
3724Aircraft Engines and Engine Parts871
372400Aircraft engines and engine parts697
37240000Aircraft engines and engine parts697
372499Aircraft engines and engine parts, nec174
37249901Air scoops, aircraft6
37249902Airfoils, aircraft engine7
37249903Cooling systems, aircraft engine6
37249904Engine heaters, aircraft3
37249905Engine mount parts, aircraft12
37249906Exhaust systems, aircraft4
37249907External power units, for hand inertia starters, aircraft2
37249908Jet assisted takeoff devices (JATO)4
37249909Lubricating systems, aircraft2
37249910Nonelectric starters, aircraft2
37249911Pumps, aircraft engine4
37249912Research and development on aircraft engines and parts72
37249913Rocket motors, aircraft9
37249914Starting vibrators, aircraft engine0
37249915Turbines, aircraft type29
37249916Turbo-superchargers, aircraft12
3728Aircraft Parts and Equipment, Nec2,286
372800Aircraft parts and equipment, nec1,516
37280000Aircraft parts and equipment, nec1,516
372801Aircraft body and wing assemblies and parts192
37280100Aircraft body and wing assemblies and parts55
37280101Ailerons, aircraft10
37280102Aircraft body assemblies and parts60
37280103Airframe assemblies, except for guided missiles14
37280104Bodies, aircraft8
37280105Elevators, aircraft4
37280106Empennage (tail) assemblies and parts, aircraft1
37280107Fins, aircraft0
37280108Flaps, aircraft wing0
37280109Fuel tanks, aircraft16
37280110Fuselage assembly, aircraft4
37280111Nacelles, aircraft4
37280112Pontoons, aircraft2
37280113Rudders, aircraft2
37280114Stabilizers, aircraft0
37280115Wing assemblies and parts, aircraft12
372802Aircraft propellers and associated equipment84
37280200Aircraft propellers and associated equipment29
37280201Accumulators, aircraft propeller9
37280202Adapter assemblies, hydromatic propeller1
37280203Aircraft power transmission equipment6
37280204Blades, aircraft propeller: metal or wood9
37280205Gears, aircraft power transmission20
37280206Governors, aircraft propeller feathering2
37280207Hubs, aircraft propeller0
37280208Propeller aligning tables0
37280209Pumps, propeller feathering2
37280210Roto-blades for helicopters6
37280211Spinners, aircraft propeller0
372803Aircraft landing assemblies and brakes60
37280300Aircraft landing assemblies and brakes13
37280301Aircraft arresting device system3
37280302Airplane brake expanders5
37280303Alighting (landing gear) assemblies, aircraft16
37280304Brakes, aircraft13
37280305Dive brakes, aircraft0
37280306Landing skis and tracks, aircraft5
37280307Wheels, aircraft5
372804Military aircraft equipment and armament88
37280400Military aircraft equipment and armament74
37280401Aircraft armament, except guns2
37280402Bomb racks, aircraft0
37280403Chaff dispensers, aircraft1
37280404Countermeasure dispensers, aircraft9
37280405Turret test fixtures, aircraft2
37280406Turrets and turret drives, aircraft0
372805Aircraft training equipment69
37280500Aircraft training equipment23
37280501Link trainers (aircraft training mechanisms)3
37280502Target drones39
37280503Targets, trailer type: aircraft1
37280504Tow targets3
372899Aircraft parts and equipment, nec, nec277
37289901Aircraft assemblies, subassemblies, and parts, nec174
37289902Beaching gear, aircraft2
37289903Deicing equipment, aircraft10
37289904Dusting and spraying equipment, aircraft6
37289905Dynetric balancing stands, aircraft1
37289907Oxygen systems, aircraft4
37289908Panel assembly (hydromatic propeller test stands), aircraft5
37289910Refueling equipment for use in flight, airplane26
37289911Seat ejector devices, aircraft2
3731Shipbuilding and Repairing1,022
373100Shipbuilding and repairing462
37310000Shipbuilding and repairing462
373101Commercial cargo ships, building and repairing268
37310100Commercial cargo ships, building and repairing47
37310101Barges, building and repairing68
37310102Cargo vessels, building and repairing21
37310103Fireboats, building and repairing2
37310104Fishing vessels, large: building and repairing22
37310105Hydrofoil vessels2
37310106Lighters, marine: building and repairing30
37310107Lighthouse tenders, building and repairing13
37310108Sailing vessels, commercial: building and repairing19
37310109Scows, building and repairing1
37310110Seiners, building and repairing1
37310111Tankers, building and repairing11
37310112Tenders, ships: building and repairing6
37310113Towboats, building and repairing6
37310114Trawlers, building and repairing4
37310115Tugboats, building and repairing15
373102Military ships, building and repairing120
37310200Military ships, building and repairing21
37310201Combat vessels, building and repairing14
37310202Landing ships, building and repairing7
37310203Offshore supply boats, building and repairing30
37310204Patrol boats, building and repairing7
37310205Submarine tenders, building and repairing5
37310206Submarines, building and repairing32
37310207Transport vessels, troop: building and repairing4
373103Commercial passenger ships, building and repairing28
37310300Commercial passenger ships, building and repairing9
37310301Crew boats, building and repairing12
37310302Ferryboats, building and repairing7
373199Shipbuilding and repairing, nec144
37319901Dredges, building and repairing15
37319902Drilling and production platforms, floating (oil and gas)70
37319903Drydocks, floating7
37319904Marine rigging34
37319905Radar towers, floating3
37319906Submersible marine robots, manned or unmanned15
3732Boatbuilding and Repairing2,512
373200Boatbuilding and repairing1,502
37320000Boatbuilding and repairing1,502
373201Motorized boat, building and repairing364
37320100Motorized boat, building and repairing92
37320101Fishing boats: lobster, crab, oyster, etc.: small109
37320102Houseboats, building and repairing18
37320103Hydrofoil boats1
37320104Jet skis21
37320105Motorboats, inboard or outboard: building and repairing96
37320106Tenders (small motor craft), building and repairing27
373202Non-motorized boat, building and repairing179
37320200Non-motorized boat, building and repairing35
37320201Canoes, building and repairing33
37320202Dinghies, building and repairing1
37320203Dories, building and repairing1
37320204Iceboats, building and repairing1
37320205Kayaks, building and repairing20
37320206Life rafts, noninflatable: rubber or plastic2
37320207Lifeboats, building and repairing10
37320208Rowboats, building and repairing4
37320209Sailboats, building and repairing67
37320210Skiffs, building and repairing5
373299Boatbuilding and repairing, nec467
37329901Boat kits, not models12
37329902Boats, fiberglass: building and repairing190
37329903Boats, rigid: plastics9
37329904Pontoons, except aircraft and inflatable24
37329905Yachts, building and repairing232
3743Railroad Equipment491
374300Railroad equipment207
37430000Railroad equipment207
374301Railroad equipment, except locomotives179
37430100Railroad equipment, except locomotives20
37430101Brakes, air and vacuum: railway16
37430102Dining cars and equipment2
37430103Freight cars and equipment42
37430104Heating units, for railroad cars1
37430105Lubrication systems, locomotive3
37430106Railroad car rebuilding30
37430107Railway maintenance cars10
37430108Railway motor cars9
37430109Sleeping cars, railroad0
37430110Tank freight cars and car equipment5
37430111Train cars and equipment, freight or passenger41
374302Interurban cars and car equipment29
37430200Interurban cars and car equipment9
37430201Interurban cars and car equipment1
37430202Rapid transit cars and equipment8
37430203Streetcars and car equipment7
37430204Trackless trolley buses4
37430206Trolley retrievers0
374303Locomotives and parts76
37430300Locomotives and parts31
37430301Engines, steam (locomotive)3
37430302Industrial locomotives and parts11
37430303Mining locomotives and parts, electric or nonelectric7
37430304Railroad locomotives and parts, electric or nonelectric19
37430305Switching locomotives and parts, electric and nonelectric3
37430306Tenders, locomotive2
3751Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Parts1,289
375100Motorcycles, bicycles and parts281
37510000Motorcycles, bicycles and parts281
375101Motorcycles and related parts730
37510100Motorcycles and related parts556
37510101Mopeds and parts3
37510102Motor scooters and parts45
37510103Motorcycle accessories126
375102Bicycles and related parts210
37510200Bicycles and related parts202
37510201Brakes, friction clutch and other: bicycle8
375199Motorcycles, bicycles, and parts, nec68
37519901Frames, motorcycle and bicycle38
37519902Gears, motorcycle and bicycle7
37519903Handle bars, motorcycle and bicycle5
37519904Saddles and seat posts, motorcycle and bicycle18
3761Guided Missiles and Space Vehicles174
376100Guided missiles and space vehicles77
37610000Guided missiles and space vehicles77
376199Guided missiles and space vehicles, nec97
37619901Ballistic missiles, complete5
37619902Guided missiles and space vehicles, research and development37
37619903Guided missiles, complete1
37619904Rockets, space and military, complete28
37619905Space vehicles, complete26
3764Space Propulsion Units and Parts134
376400Space propulsion units and parts60
37640000Space propulsion units and parts60
376499Space propulsion units and parts, nec74
37649901Engines and engine parts, guided missile16
37649902Guided missile and space vehicle engines, research & devel.11
37649903Propulsion units for guided missiles and space vehicles39
37649904Rocket motors, guided missiles8
3769Space Vehicle Equipment, Nec80
376900Space vehicle equipment, nec55
37690000Space vehicle equipment, nec55
376999Space vehicle equipment, nec, nec25
37699901Airframe assemblies, guided missiles4
37699902Bellows assemblies, missiles: metal0
37699903Casings, missiles and missile components: storage6
37699904Guided missile and space vehicle parts and aux. equip., R&D14
37699905Nose cones, guided missiles1
37699906Space capsules0
3792Travel Trailers and Campers355
379200Travel trailers and campers187
37920000Travel trailers and campers187
379299Travel trailers and campers, nec168
37929901Automobile house trailer chassis5
37929902Campers, for mounting on trucks32
37929903Camping trailers and chassis25
37929904House trailers, except as permanent dwellings22
37929905Pickup covers, canopies or caps31
37929906Tent-type camping trailers13
37929907Trailer coaches, automobile28
37929908Travel trailer chassis6
37929909Truck campers (slide-in)6
3795Tanks and Tank Components155
379500Tanks and tank components124
37950000Tanks and tank components124
379599Tanks and tank components, nec31
37959901Amphibian tanks, military4
37959902Specialized tank components, military19
37959903Tank recovery vehicles1
37959904Tanks, military, including factory rebuilding7
3799Transportation Equipment, Nec1,481
379900Transportation equipment, nec137
37990000Transportation equipment, nec137
379901Trailers and trailer equipment565
37990100Trailers and trailer equipment334
37990101Automobile trailer chassis21
37990102Boat trailers111
37990103Horse trailers, except fifth-wheel type42
37990104Towing bars and systems21
37990105Trailer hitches36
379902Recreational vehicles593
37990200Recreational vehicles240
37990201All terrain vehicles (ATV)199
37990202Electrocars, for transporting golfers5
37990203Go-carts, except children's22
37990204Golf carts, powered49
379903Off-road automobiles, except recreational vehicles59
37990300Off-road automobiles, except recreational vehicles44
37990301Caddy cars1
37990302Cars, off-highway: electric12
37990303Midget autos, power driven2
379904Pushcarts and wheelbarrows14
37990400Pushcarts and wheelbarrows3
379999Transportation equipment, nec, nec113
37999901Carriages, horse drawn97
37999902Ski lifts, tows or gondolas16