SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3714—Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing motor vehicle parts and accessories, but not engaged in manufacturing complete motor vehicles or passenger car bodies. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing or assembling complete automobiles and trucks are classified in Industry 3711; those manufacturing tires and tubes are classified in Industry 3011; those manufacturing automobile glass are classified in Major Group 32; those manufacturing automobile stampings are classified in Industry 3465; those manufacturing vehicular lighting equipment are classified in Industry 3647; those manufacturing ignition systems are classified in Industry 3694; those manufacturing storage batteries are classified in Industry 3691; and those manufacturing carburetors, pistons, piston rings, and engine intake and exhaust valves are classified in Industry 3592.

Air brakes, motor vehicleHydraulic fluid power pumps for auto motive steering mechanisms
Automotive wiring harness sets, except ignitionInstrument board assemblies, motor vehicle
Axle housings and shafts, motor vehicleLubrication systems and parts, motor vehicle
Axles, motor vehicleManifolds, motor vehicle: gasoline engine
Ball joints, motor vehicleMotor vehicle gasoline engine rebuilding on a factory basis
Bearings, motor vehicle: except ball and rollerMotor vehicle parts and accessories, except motor vehicle stampings
Brake drumsMufflers, exhaust: motor vehicle
Brakes and brake parts, motor vehicleOil filters, motor vehicle
Bumpers and bumperettes, motor vehiclePipes, fuel: motor vehicle
Camshafts, motor vehicle gasoline enginePower transmission equipment, motor vehicle
Cleaners, air: motor vehiclePumps, motor vehicle: oil, water, fuel, and power steering
Connecting rods, motor vehicle: gasoline engineRadiators and radiator shells and cores, motor vehicle
Control equipment, motor vehicle: acceleration mechanisms and governersRear axle housings, motor vehicle
Crankshaft assemblies, motor vehicle: gasoline engineRebuilding motor vehicle gasoline engines and transmissions on a factory basis
Cylinder heads, motor vehicle: gasoline enginesRims, wheel: motor vehicle
Defrosters, motor vehicleSanders, motor vehicle safety
Differentials and parts, motor vehicleShock absorbers, motor vehicle
Directional signals, motor vehicleSteering mechanisms, motor vehicle
Drive shafts, motor vehicleThermostats, motor vehicle
Dump truck lifting mechanismsThird axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles
Engines and parts, except diesel: motor vehicleTie rods, motor vehicle
Exhaust systems and parts, motor vehicleTire valve cores
Fifth wheelsTops, motor vehicle: except stamped metal
Filters: oil, fuel, and air—motor vehicleTransmission housings and parts, motor vehicle
Frames, motor vehicleTransmissions, motor vehicle
Fuel pumps, motor vehicleUniversal joints, motor vehicle
Fuel systems and parts, motor vehicleVacuum brakes, motor vehicle
Gas tanks, motor vehicleWheels, motor vehicle
Gears, motor vehicleWindshield frames, motor vehicle
Governors, motor vehicleWindshield wiper systems, all types
Heaters, motor vehicleWinterfronts, motor vehicle
Hoods, motor vehicleWiring harness sets motor vehicles, except ignition
Horns, motor vehicle
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3714Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories5,400
371400Motor vehicle parts and accessories2,912
37140000Motor vehicle parts and accessories2,912
371401Motor vehicle engines and parts953
37140100Motor vehicle engines and parts270
37140101Acceleration equipment, motor vehicle22
37140102Camshafts, motor vehicle26
37140103Choker rods, motor vehicle2
37140104Cleaners, air, motor vehicle9
37140105Connecting rods, motor vehicle engine9
37140106Crankshaft assemblies, motor vehicle7
37140107Cylinder heads, motor vehicle47
37140108Differentials and parts, motor vehicle11
37140109Exhaust systems and parts, motor vehicle121
37140110Filters: oil, fuel, and air, motor vehicle63
37140111Fuel pipes, motor vehicle1
37140112Fuel pumps, motor vehicle16
37140113Fuel systems and parts, motor vehicle76
37140114Gas tanks, motor vehicle10
37140115Governors, motor vehicle2
37140116Lubrication systems and parts, motor vehicle14
37140117Manifolds, motor vehicle9
37140118Mufflers (exhaust), motor vehicle56
37140119Oil pump, motor vehicle10
37140120Oil strainers, motor vehicle5
37140121Propane conversion equipment, motor vehicle30
37140122Radiators and radiator shells and cores, motor vehicle53
37140123Rebuilding engines and transmissions, factory basis62
37140124Tie rods, motor vehicle6
37140125Water pump, motor vehicle19
371402Motor vehicle transmissions, drive assemblies, and parts486
37140200Motor vehicle transmissions, drive assemblies, and parts74
37140201Anti-sway devices, motor vehicle5
37140202Axle housings and shafts, motor vehicle12
37140203Axles, motor vehicle57
37140204Ball joints, motor vehicle0
37140205Bearings, motor vehicle15
37140206Clutches, motor vehicle37
37140207Drive shafts, motor vehicle65
37140208Gears, motor vehicle36
37140209Power transmission equipment, motor vehicle13
37140210Rear axle housings, motor vehicle8
37140211Transmission housings or parts, motor vehicle39
37140212Transmissions, motor vehicle114
37140213Universal joints, motor vehicle11
371403Motor vehicle body components and frame301
37140300Motor vehicle body components and frame135
37140301Bumpers and bumperettes, motor vehicle36
37140302Frames, motor vehicle9
37140303Hoods, motor vehicle2
37140304Shock absorbers, motor vehicle36
37140305Steering mechanisms, motor vehicle35
37140306Sun roofs, motor vehicle8
37140307Tops, motor vehicle13
37140308Wind deflectors, motor vehicle0
37140309Windshield frames, motor vehicle27
371404Motor vehicle electrical equipment203
37140400Motor vehicle electrical equipment68
37140401Automotive wiring harness sets62
37140402Defrosters, motor vehicle0
37140403Directional signals, motor vehicle2
37140404Heaters, motor vehicle10
37140405Horns, motor vehicle5
37140406Instrument board assemblies, motor vehicle10
37140407Thermostats, motor vehicle6
37140408Windshield wiper systems, motor vehicle19
37140409Wipers, windshield, motor vehicle21
371405Motor vehicle brake systems and parts158
37140500Motor vehicle brake systems and parts120
37140501Air brakes, motor vehicle24
37140502Brake drums, motor vehicle13
37140503Vacuum brakes, motor vehicle1
371406Motor vehicle steering systems and parts57
37140600Motor vehicle steering systems and parts19
37140601Hydraulic fluid power pumps, for auto steering mechanism24
37140602Power steering equipment, motor vehicle14
371407Motor vehicle wheels and parts163
37140700Motor vehicle wheels and parts54
37140701Tire valve cores2
37140702Wheel rims, motor vehicle39
37140703Wheels, motor vehicle68
371499Motor vehicle parts and accessories, nec167
37149901Air conditioner parts, motor vehicle40
37149902Booster (jump-start) cables, automotive10
37149903Dump truck lifting mechanism23
37149904Fifth wheel, motor vehicle5
37149905Ice scrapers and window brushes, motor vehicle2
37149906PCV valves3
37149907Sanders, motor vehicle safety16
37149908Third axle attachments or six wheel units for motor vehicles4
37149909Trailer hitches, motor vehicle27
37149910Winter fronts, motor vehicle0
37149911Pickup truck bed liners37