SIC Industry Description

Industry: 3743—Railroad Equipment
Establishments primarily engaged in building and rebuilding locomotives (including frames and parts, not elsewhere classified) of any type or gauge; and railroad, street, and rapid transit cars and car equipment for operation on rails for freight and passenger service. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing mining cars are classified in Industry 3532. Repair shops, owned and operated by railroads or local transit companies, repairing locomotives or cars for their oWn use are classified in Transportation, Major Groups 40 and 41. Establishments primarily engaged in repairing railroad cars on a contract or fee basis are classified in Transportation, Industry 4789; and those repairing locomotive engines on a contract or fee basis are classified in Services, Industry 7699.

Brakes, railway: air and vacuumRailroad car rebuilding
Cars and car equipment, freight or passengerRailway motor cars
Dining cars and car equipmentRapid transit cars and equipment
Engines, steam (locomotives)Sleeping cars, railroad
Freight cars and car equipmentStreetcars and car equipment
Industrial locomotives and partsSwitching locomotives and parts, electric and nonelectric
Interurban cars and car equipmentTank freight cars and car equipment
Locomotives, locomotive frames, and partsTenders, locomotive
Lubrication systems, locomotiveTrolley buses, trackless
Mining locomotives and parts
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
3743Railroad Equipment572
374300Railroad equipment249
37430000Railroad equipment249
374301Railroad equipment, except locomotives217
37430100Railroad equipment, except locomotives21
37430101Brakes, air and vacuum: railway16
37430102Dining cars and equipment1
37430103Freight cars and equipment80
37430104Heating units, for railroad cars1
37430105Lubrication systems, locomotive3
37430106Railroad car rebuilding25
37430107Railway maintenance cars10
37430108Railway motor cars11
37430109Sleeping cars, railroad0
37430110Tank freight cars and car equipment7
37430111Train cars and equipment, freight or passenger42
374302Interurban cars and car equipment24
37430200Interurban cars and car equipment7
37430201Interurban cars and car equipment1
37430202Rapid transit cars and equipment8
37430203Streetcars and car equipment4
37430204Trackless trolley buses4
37430206Trolley retrievers0
374303Locomotives and parts82
37430300Locomotives and parts38
37430301Engines, steam (locomotive)5
37430302Industrial locomotives and parts10
37430303Mining locomotives and parts, electric or nonelectric6
37430304Railroad locomotives and parts, electric or nonelectric19
37430305Switching locomotives and parts, electric and nonelectric4
37430306Tenders, locomotive0