Industry: 3715—Truck Trailers
Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing truck trailers, truck trailer chassis for sale separately, detachable trailer bodies (cargo containers) for sale separately, and detachable trailer (cargo container) chassis, for sale separately.

Bus trailers, tractor typeSemitrailers for truck tractors
Demountable cargo containersTrailers, fifth-wheel type: for transporting horses
Motor truck trailersTruck trailers
Semitrailers for missile transportation
Codes Titles Number of US Businesses
3715Truck Trailers1,073
371500Truck trailers796
37150000Truck trailers796
371599Truck trailers, nec277
37159901Bus trailers, tractor type12
37159902Demountable cargo containers33
37159903Semitrailers for missile transportation8
37159904Semitrailers for truck tractors50
37159905Trailer bodies110
37159906Trailers or vans for transporting horses45
37159907Truck trailer chassis19